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Sometimes being a hillbilly with an inferior education can be embarrassing. When Rebecca Roll’s response to my letter criticized my efforts to help the Darke County Women’s Club recruit new members she used a word I not only couldn’t pronounce, but had no idea what it meant. In case there are other dumbos in the county, the word is misogynistic. It means mistrust of women. I wasn’t aware that recruiting women into the Republican’s club would be mistreating them.

Rebecca should thank me for giving her the opening she needed to brag about how successful and important she has become since leaving us. I really am impressed with what he has achieved. I would be more impressed if she was managing, maybe $5-10 million, of her own money. I would point out the difference in people that have real money and those that make a living managing it for others. I would also point out that in the scope of real high finance a billion dollars is no more that a pimple on a chigger.

I would gamble that if we knew the truth about Rebecca we would find out that she would have been better off if she had stayed home and married one of the Schmitmeyer boys that has 500 acres of land and 500 Holstein cows.

Rebecca is a bad interpreter. The Republican women are not gossipy old biddies and I never said they were. Her girl power email is a hint into why she is obviously so jealous of Republican women. I would guess she is a “Miz” and not a “Miss” or “Mrs.” Maybe a liberal, politically correct Democrat, man-hater.

I kicked my own “donkey” when I read Rebecca’s reference to the Republican women’s grandsons with the trust funds; I should have thought of that myself. I now want to add an extra. One of these sweet Republican ladies has a son that is a multi-millionaire, single, no children, no strings. No chance, Rebecca.

I would remind all smart women, you can marry more money in 15 minutes that you can make in a lifetime of working. Forget the do good, social, philanthropic crap and go for the money.

One thing for sure, Rebecca is not smart enough to keep her mouth shut and her nose out of other people’s business. No more Rebecca, I’m finished.

Stay Tuned,

Don Wright


By Don Wright


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