Arcanum News: Naturalist to speak to historical society


Hannah Wiest, Darke County Parks Naturalist, will be the guest of the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society on Thursday to present her program “Layers of History: Women’s Fashion During the War Between the States.”

Hannah’s lecture presents a revealing history about ladies’ fashion and undergarments during the early 1860s. She will expose each layer and the purpose of the individual garments and explain how the fabric content, print, dress style, and cut all disclosed a woman’s class, age, and social standing.

Wiest will be dressed in a complete ensemble and have many other garments to show as well as a Power Point. She is a member of The Ohio Valley Civil War Association which is made up of the 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, the 19th US Regular Infantry, the 1st Ohio Battery C Light Artillery, Birge’s Western Sharpshooter (the best US Signal Corp unit in the country), and the Civil War Civilians. Wiest is a Darke County native, graduated from Wright State University in creative writing, and currently works as a naturalist educator at Darke County Parks.

She has a passion for history and spends her free time researching, pattern drafting, and sewing historical clothing both for her living history hobby and for the park district. She and her new husband, Robert, live in the Arcanum area. Please join them on Thursday at 7 for what promises to be a very interesting evening at AWTHS at 123 W. George St. The event is open to the public and is free of charge.

The AWTHS also has several History of Arcanum Books for purchase at the historical house including: The Secret Town – The Story of the Founding of Arcanum, Ohio, and William Gunder Family for $20; Arcanum, Ohio, Business History (1852-1968) for $25; Arcanum Chronicles – lots of information about the Opera House, Sports, Parades and Celebrations, Brig. Gen. Ed Sigerfoos, Grassville Quartette, Christmas, Chautauqua, Fast Horses, District 7 Ithaca School for $20; and the Arcanum Chronicles (Vol. 2) which includes history of the Fire Department and the Arcanum Public Library for $18. You can purchase books at the AWTHS during their Saturday morning hours (9 to noon) or via the website ( or at any event. What a great gift for a family member, classmate or former resident!

The Trojan Alumni Homecoming (formerly known as the Arcanum High School Alumni Banquet) will be held April 22. To be a part of this special event, reservations must be made by April 1, 2017. Questions, call Nancy Perrin Ady at (937) 269-6318. Reservations are currently being accepted, honored classes this year are 1942 (75th year), 1967 (50th year), 1992 (25th year), and the current senior class. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you cannot attend but would like to support the scholarship fund please submit it to Nancy Perrin Ady, 108 Sierra Lane, Arcanum, Ohio 45304.

To date the Arcanum Alumni Scholarship fund has provided scholarships and student support worth over $97,900 to 143 promising AHS graduates who demonstrated financial need, academic promise, and community involvement since 1966.

The first scholarship recipient, Gary Foureman (Class of ’66) shared the following with the committee: “It’s been 50 years and I would like to tell you how that scholarship affected me both then and subsequently throughout my life. As seniors, we have many things pulling at us, each with its unknowns and uncertainties. Back then all these things were coupled with our own insecurities and doubts and fears. A signal was desperately needed to make things clearer and impart confidence. The AAS was that signal for me. I thought ‘A lot of fine people think that I can do this and are even pledging resources for me to do it.’ And I did. The AAS was a definite stepping stone that gave me a solid footing of confidence and resources to go up and forward. Even as I achieved my higher goals, which includes a Ph.D graduate degree, I continued to sincerely acknowledge the AAS as being an invaluable personal endorsement in beginning a fulfilling life journey.”

The Franklin-Monroe Graduating class of 1992 cordially invites all alumni to its 64th annual alumni banquet on April 1 in the previous high school gym. Reservations $25 per person are due by March 15 – questions call Sheila Campbell at 937-620-0406 or email her at [email protected]. The evening will begin with registration and a social hour from 5 p.m. with a dinner/buffet at 6 p.m. On the menu for the evening will be veggie tray with dip during the social hour, dinner choices will be beef tips in gravy, boneless pork loin, specialty mashed potatoes, buttered corn, green beans with ham, tossed garden salad, wheat and white dinner rolls; dessert – assorted pies and peanut butter delight; drinks – iced tea, lemonade and coffee. Catering is by Batdorf’s Red Barn Catering of Covington, Ohio. The guest speaker for the evening will be David Phipps.

By Vickie Rhodehamel

Arcanum News

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