The Minister’s Quartet will perform Sunday at Triumphant Christian Center


GREENVILLE — The Minister’s Quartet will be coming to Greenville on Sunday, March 18 for a concert at Triumphant Christian Center. The church is located at 1129 South Towne Court and the concert will begin at 6 p.m.

Ron Pence is the bass/owner of this group. He was saved at the age of 13. He developed a love for Southern Gospel Music and has been singing since then. He started playing bass for “The Lifters” at age 15 and his musical career grew from there.

Scott Evans is the tenor for The Ministers Quartet. He has a degree in business and hotel management but has a true passion for gospel music and feels blessed to be able to sing with The Ministers Quartet.

Mike Sanderfur sings the lead part for the quartet. He says he comes from a long line of singers and music has always played an important part in his life. Mike started singing at the age of 7 with his Mom, Dad and brother. He learned to play bass and has been singing and playing gospel music ever since. He was excited when the door opened for him to be part of The Ministers Quartet in 2015.

Rex Crockett is the baritone singer for the group. He is the newest member and he says he is finding pleasure and excitement in sharing God’s love through sharing his musical talent as The Minister’s Quartet travels the country.

Larry Lambert, a retired part of the group served in the U.S. Navy, sang in several gospel music groups, and earned a bachelor of arts degree in theology so he could share God’s Word along with his music. He continues to travel with the group and participates as the opportunity comes.

It is the true desire of these dedicated men that their presentation will see lost souls saved for the Lord Jesus Christ and Him glorified.

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