Darke township trustees host annual fish fry


GREENVILLE — The Darke County Township Association’s (DCTA’s) fish fry was well attended Tuesday night at the VFW in Greenville.

Many township trustees, elected and state officials, spouses and other guests were in attendance, and the Thien Snipps entertained.

President Ed Huff Jr. welcomed the 190-some guests to the event and the invocation was given by Steve Bohn.

Tom Willsey of Butler County, president of the Ohio Township Association, talked to the group about the winter conference.

“We had the best winter conference we’ve ever had,” he said. “Over 3,000 attended, the trade show sold out three times, and we offered over 190 educational classes. It was one of the best conferences and best organized. We had great speakers.”

Willsey also reported that a board meeting will be held next Friday to discuss legislative priorities.

He also noted that the membership of the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority (OTARMA) has set an all new high in membership, with 1,015 members.

“That started in 1987,” he said.

According to Huff, Ohio has 1,308 counties and that OTARMA is a self-insurance.

“They’ve done so well that they give money back to the townships who belong,” Huff added. “They give $500 to the townships to be used for anything connected to safety.”

Matt DeTemple, executive director of the OTA Board of Directors, informed the group about another program for worker’s compensation; about a new version of a website which is about to go live on Monday; and House Bill 49 Gov. Kasich has proposed for the state budget.

“The governor’s proposal fixed the state’s problem, but not the counties,” he said.

DeTemple also spoke on House Bill 105, recently introduced bi-partisan bill diverting funds from the oil fund; about the local government fund; on the prevailing wages bill; and about rural broad band.

Other state members in attendance, in addition to Huff, Willsey and DeTemple, included First Vice President Connie Fink, Second Vice Tim Lynch, Regis Jones, Milt Underwood, Larry Johns, Greg Hanahan, Diane Delaplane, Ron Miller, Dale Dietrich, Carl Mangun and Roy Hollenbacher.

The VFW workers were recognized for the work they did with the fish fry, and the township officials and spouses were recognized for the carry-in dishes they brought in to accompany the meal.

Huff and DCTA Vice President Jim Zumbrink recognized all of their sponsors for 2016-17 and door prizes were drawn before the gathering was adjourned.

The VFW workers were recognized for preparing the fish fry, and township officials and spouses for the carry-in dishes that accompanied the meal.

Matt DeTemple, executive director of the Ohio Township Association, attended the fish fry and updated those in atendance about what is going on in legislation.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_mattspeakingPRINT.jpgMatt DeTemple, executive director of the Ohio Township Association, attended the fish fry and updated those in atendance about what is going on in legislation.



Association updated on legislation

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