YOLO organization asks city for joint agreement


GREENVILLE — Organizers hoping to build an urban water project in downtown Greenville spoke to city council Tuesday seeking approval of an agreement with the city.

Travis Fliehman, an attorney representing the YOLO group, asked council to give its blessing to a “joint use agreement” that would allow organizers to begin the process of constructing the project located at the corner of Martin Street and South Broadway.

“This agreement is merely council and the city agreeing to allow and basically take ownership of this property after the project is completed and continue to use it for its intended purpose for at least 15 years,” said Fliehman, noting that the stipulation was required under the Ohio Department of Natural Resources grant.

“I think we’re almost in a position to move forward and would like to get a date certain that we do,” he added.

City attorney Eric Brand had brought up minor points that would need to be answered before the city and YOLO could proceed, including if contractors solicited by the YOLO group were required to submit to the same bidding process as a municipality.

“No. It has certain requirements the [ODNR] grant is going to require, but understand this is not a city project,” said Fliehman. “This city will only take ownership of the project once it’s completed.”

Fliehman also said YOLO would not be subject to the prevailing wage requirement like the city and that according to the Ohio Attorney General’s office, the sale of the property from 100 Martin LLC to YOLO fell under the legal guidelines.

“They have common ownership,” said Fliehman, noting the YOLO directors are also the 100 Martin LLC owners. “Ohio code only requires that there’s full disclosure of conflict of interest and that the purchase would be fair to the non-profit corporation, or YOLO.” He also pointed out that an appraisal will be done on the property and that YOLO could pay no more for the property than its appraisal figure.

Council expressed no objections to moving forward. Organizers hope to have the joint use agreement in place by council’s May 2 meeting.

City Safety/Service Director Curt Garrison informed council that the city has signed an agreement with Affordable Gas and Electric (AGE) for a natural gas aggregation agreement.

The city has already signed a contract with AGE for electric aggregation. The rate for the gas agreement is 4.23 cents per CCF and will be in effect for two years. Garrison said opt-out letters to Greenville residents will be mailed this week for those customers not under contract.

Council passed a number of legislative items during its meeting. Included among these were:

  • An ordinance authorizing the safety/service director to file an application with the Ohio Department of Transportation for a grant for improvements on Ohio Street, south of Fourth Street to 13th Street.
  • A resolution authorizing a joint contract between the city and the Greenville City School District to purchase fuels from Speedway at a price discount.
  • A resolution for the purchase of 20 dual band radios for the city fire department.
  • A resolution for the purchase of a Ford Explorer truck for the city fire department.
  • A resolution for the purchase of a skid loader, a mini hydraulic excavator and related equipment for the city street department.
  • An ordinance to provide water and sewer services to a property outside city limits at a rate of 110 percent for water and 150 percent for sewer.

Council adjourned to executive session at the conclusion of the meeting.

Greenville City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend and address council. Meetings may now be viewed online at the City of Greenville, Ohio Youtube channel.

By Erik Martin

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