Darke County Fair Board President Brian Rismiller nominated as new fair manager


GREENVILLE — Wednesday’s Darke County Fair Board meeting, through a 6-4 vote, nominated Fair Board President Brian Rismiller as its new Fair Manager.

Rismiller said the board will have some more discussion on the offer before he accepts the position. In addition to Rismiller, the following were candidates for the Fair Manager position: Gery Melling, Teresa Osborne and Jeff Schumacher. Board Member Cindy Riffle congratulated Rismiller on his nomination.

Daily Advocate Editor Christina Chalmers asked if there was a conflict in Rismiller voting himself for the position. Rismiller said there was not a conflict. He also said, if he accepts the position, he will have to step down as Board President.

In addition, the board approved a proposal from The Daily Advocate stating, in part, the publication Darke County Fair Magazine be named the official “Great Darke County Fair Magazine.” Board President Rismiller advised the board of the Daily Advocate’s gratis work for past fairs.

“We don’t always see that,” Rismiller said. “We just see the paper and assume that it was paid for, which in fact you guys have taken upon yourselves.”

In other news, Jana Deeter returned to give the board an update on moving the “Hamburger Shoppe” located at 100 Martin Street, onto the fairgrounds for a museum. Deeter said there is no asbestos in the all-metal frame building. She is looking for donations/volunteers to help fund the move. The board encouraged her to pursue and update them on the move of the building.

Molly Hunt, 2016 Darke County Junior Fair Queen and organizer of Clover Confidence spoke about her event, Clover Confidence Building Fearless Females (BFF), that took place March 24, in Greenville. Hunt said 31 fifth – eighth grade girls attended the event and learned about building self-esteem, body image, and building confidence.

“Some of these things people don’t always learn at school or from their families,” Hunt said. “It was a really cool event that we would like to have again next year.”

In Caretaker Manager Robert Johnston’s report, he said the major leaks on the fairgrounds are fixed. He is waiting for a report from the Darke County Water Department on usage to determine the other leak in one of the horse barn areas. He is looking for one part-time person. He also explained that many of the spigots need replaced do to corrosion and wear and tear, and the old water truck needs a carburetor.

In addition, the board approved a tool purchase, based on Johnston’s recommendation, of approx. $3,600 in lifetime warrantied tools. The tools will bring the shop up to a basic tool inventory. According to Johnston, many of the tools are old, are his or have disappeared over the years.

The board also approved the action to apply for its own not for profit status. The fair is currently under the state fair’s 501(c)(3) umbrella. The state wants each fair to carry its own, according to Board President Rismiller.

The board went into executive session to discuss personnel. According to Rismiller, nothing was finalized with the Fair Manager position and the board will have further discussions at an upcoming meeting


By Carolyn Harmon

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