Eldora Speedway hosts Saturday Night SpeedFest


ROSSBURG – Eldora Speedway host the Saturday Night SpeedFest with the DIRTcar UMP Modifieds, Eldora Stock Cars and Vore’s Compact Touring Series.

The DIRTcar UMP Modifieds ran two heats of eight laps and the A-feature of 20 laps, the Eldora Stock Cars ran three heats of eight laps and the A-feature of 15 laps and the Vore’s Compact Touring Series for three heats of eight laps and the A-feature of was 15 laps.

For the Dirtcar UMP heat one taking first place was the 3W of Dylan Woodling, 95J of Jerry Bowersock was second, third went to the 5 of Jonathan Taylor, fourth went to the 52 of Weasel Phlipot and taking the fifth spot was 11H of Mike Hohlbein.

Heat two was the 09D of Joel Dick in first place then the 88 of Scott Orr, the 01 of Earnie Woodard, 18 of Ryan Sutter and the fifth place went to 71D of Anthony Davis.

The A-Feature leader was the 09D of Joel Dick, the 95J of Jerry Bowersock took second, the 7 of Evan Taylor took third, fourth went to 20M of Josh Morton and fifth went to 52 of Weasel Phlipot.

The Eldora Stock Cars heat one saw 7 of Jordan Conover in first place followed by the J2 of Rob Trent, the 5G of Anthony Goode, 27 of Frank Paladino and the 15 of Drew Trick.

Heat two saw the 5W of Craig Swartz in first place, second was 65 of Brent Sutton, 91 of Ed Hounshell was third, 463 of Daniel Sanchez was fourth and the 23 of Casey Barr was fifth.

In heat three Earnie Woodard took first with the 01 car, second went to the 17C of Jeremy Creech, 95 of Gary Rahe Jr. took third, fourth was 55 of Brandon Archey and fifth was the 99J of Dannie Jeschke.

Earnie Woodard took first place in the A-feature. He was followed by the J2 of Rob Trent, 7 of Jordan Conover, 65 of Brent Sutton and the 95 of Gary Rahe Jr.

The Vore’s Compact Touring Series saw the 82 of Harvey Yoder in first place, the 88 of Josh Foltz in second, the 00 of Dan Smith in third, 53D of Tim Dilg in fourth and the 51 of Tom Mayworm in fifth for heat one.

Heat two saw the 27 of Bo Hoelscher in first, the 54 of John Trimble in second, the 024 of Cole Roelofs in third, the 13 of Mark Jennings in fourth and the 18B of Brogan Rehklau in fifth.

Terry Eaton with the 4 car took heat three, second was the 21 of Ricky Weaver, third was 97M of Matthew Morris, fourth was the 71E of Trent Gosser and fifth was the 1T of Chad Tomezak.

The 21 of Ricky Weaver won the A-feature. He was followed by 4 of Terry Eaton, the 97M of Matthew Morris, the 1X of Mark Mason and the 71E of Trent Gosser.

The SpeedFest was the first time Joel Dick and Ricky Weaver won the A-features at Eldora. Trent took the lead from Swartz on the eighth lap, and Woodard then took the lead from Trent on lap 11. He then held his position for the win.

In the DIRTcar UMP A-feature Dick started first and ended first. He kept first place the entire race.

The Vore’s Compacts are only scheduled once for Eldora for the 2017 season so they are done racing at Eldora for the year. The race went back and forth between Weaver and Eaton until lap nine. Weaver took the lead on lap nine and held it for the rest of the race.

The next races at Eldora take place May 12 and 13 with the Let’s Race Two.

The red flag comes out following a wreck during the Saturday Night SpeedFest at Eldora Speedway.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Eldora-WEB-6.jpgThe red flag comes out following a wreck during the Saturday Night SpeedFest at Eldora Speedway. Jamie Wilson|For The Daily Advocate

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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