Cleveland businessman declares U.S. Senate campaign


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland businessman Mike Gibbons announced his campaign for the Republican nomination for United States Senate in a conference call Wednesday.

“Washington is broken, and career politicians like [current Democratic U.S. Senator] Sherrod Brown have failed us. We need new leadership in the United States Senate,” he said.

Gibbons added, “I know how to create jobs because I’ve taken the risk and created jobs. I’m a businessman. I’ve signed the front of a paycheck. Washington politicians always talk about how they want to create jobs, but politicians don’t create jobs, businesses do. We need to get the bureaucracy out of the way, cut taxes, reduce red tape, and end the back-room deals and corruption in Washington.”

“I look forward to the upcoming campaign as we take our message to the voters of Ohio, listen to their concerns, and ask for their support.”

Gibbons is a 2002 recipient of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the founder and partner of Brown Gibbons Lang & Company, one of the most widely-respected national middle-market investment banks in the country.

Staff report

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