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As I sit and write this week’s column, I am exhausted and excited for our daughter’s upcoming wedding this weekend. By the time you read this all the excitement will be over and she will be flying out of the country to enjoy her honeymoon in Jamaica. Our daughter, Tricia will become Mrs. Jason Cassel this Saturday, June 10, 2017. Their story is an unusual story – they met online through Both of them I think had been searching for their perfect mate for quite some time.

I can’t help but think about my wedding, other weddings that I served as a bridesmaid for a friend, or even all the hundreds of weddings that I played the organ and/or keyboard for through the years; it’s never quite the same as your own wedding. There are things that no one ever told you to expect about your wedding day and you don’t experience until your wedding day is here.

Talk to anyone who’s gone through it before and they’ll tell you that your wedding day absolutely flies by. You’ll be so busy going from one thing to the next that before you know it, you’ll be cutting the cake. But aside from the logistics, there are tons of intangible, special moments that make up the wedding day itself. Here are ten things about your wedding day that no one ever tells you.

Number 1: Ten minutes before the ceremony is the most nerve-wracking part. The time leading up to the walk down the aisle will be the most anxiety-ridden 10 minutes you’ll ever have. And it makes sense—you’re about to make a life-changing decision in front of all the people you love and care about the most. Just remember that your other half is waiting for you at the end of the journey and you’re going to have a huge party to celebrate (not to mention the reason why you said “yes” in the first place).

Number 2: The ceremony is the best part. There’s something truly amazing about the wedding ceremony. The traditions, the vows and all your emotional family members and friends make it one of the most special moments of your life. Take it all in, you’ll want these memories to last a lifetime.

Number 3: You will definitely cry—this one might not be such a secret—all I can say is that crying is basically inevitable. And since you already know the waterworks are coming, be prepared. Store some tissues nearby, and make sure to wear waterproof makeup (or even get eyelash extensions) and keep some mascara and lipstick readily available for touch-ups.

Number 4: Your face will hurt from smiling so much. Thousands of pictures aside, you’ll be smiling all day because it’s going to be the best day ever. You’re marrying your best friend! Between finally “making it official” with your partner and dancing like crazy with all of your close friends and family, there’s literally no reason to frown.

Number 5: You’ll be amazed by the love and support of your family and friends.

They all showed up for one reason—you! You and your soon-to-be spouse will get all—and we really mean all—of the attention. You may not even be able to eat dinner, since you’ll have so many people to talk to and so many pictures to take. You will be overcome by the love and support of those around you.

Number 6: You may want a little alone time. In fact, you might be so overcome with emotion that you may want to take a few moments just for you, or the two of you. Some of the most special minutes of the day are the few you get to spend alone, preparing for what’s to come, or together with your new spouse, taking it all in.

Number 7: You might be a little exhausted. Let’s face it; you won’t get too much sleep the night before your wedding. Between stressing over everything and just the overall excitement for the day to come, you’ll be seriously lacking in shut-eye. Here’s a professional tip: Under-eye concealer will be your best friend.

Number 8: It won’t all go as planned. Something will end up going wrong. It could be little, or it could be big, but the best advice is to look at the big picture. Can you solve this problem easily? Does it make a huge difference in the long run? Are your guests still having fun? Are you having fun? If these questions are easily answered, then don’t sweat it—just keep enjoying your celebration, and feel free to delegate tasks to the caterer and relatives so you don’t have to deal with drama.

Number 9: The most magical moment will be when you least expect it. We promise that the most special time of the day, or weekend, is going to be something you never expected. A stolen minute or two with your soon-to-be spouse, a hug from your dad or an impromptu speech by your maid/matron of honor could end up meaning the world to you.

And finally, number 10: You’ll feel different. Even if you and your other half have been cohabiting for years, once you’re legally wed, things will feel official. It might just be a slight shift or it could feel like a noticeable change, but it will definitely seem like the real deal—because it is!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cassel! We love you, Mom and Dad.

By Vickie Rhodehamel

Arcanum News

Vickie Rhodehamel is a volunteer citizen columnist, who serves The Daily Advocate readers weekly with her Arcanum community column. She can be reached by calling 937-692-6188, by e-mail at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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