Mason Zeigler, Darrell Lanigan take top spots at Eldora Speedway


ROSSBURG – Friday night continued Eldora Speedway’s Dirt Late Model Dream with Mason Zeigler and Darrell Lanigan taking home the black and white checkered, each taking home $10,000.

Friday’s slate of racing again included eight heat races.

Taking home the black and white checkered for heat one was the 28 of Dennis Erb Jr., in second was the 17 of Zack Dohm, third was the 44 of Chris Madden and fourth was the 99JR of Frank Heckenast Jr.

The 1 of Brandon Sheppard came in first for heat two, second was the 39 of Tim McCreadie, third was the 7R of Kent Robinson and fourth was the 5 of Don O’Neal.

In heat three the c8 of Timothy Culp took home first, second was the 0 of Scott Bloomquist, third was the 116 of Brandon Overton and fourth was the 0J of Jake O’Neil.

Taking first in heat four was the 32P of Bobby Pierce, in second was the 25Z of Mason Zeigler, third was the 1P of Earl Pearson Jr. and fourth was the 157 of Mike Marlar.

The 7M of Donald McIntosh took home first in heat five followed by the 40B of Kyle Bronson in second, third was the 91 of Tyler Erb and fourth was the 20S of Rodney Sanders.

Take home the black and white checkered in heat six was the 21of Billy Moyer, second was the 32S of Chris Simpson, third was the 9 of Devin Moran and fourth was the 33M of Tim Manville.

The 25C of Shane Clanton won heat seven, the 14 of Darrell Lanigan was second, third was the 1M of Mike Mataragas and fourth was the 71 of Hudson O’Neal.

For the last heat of the night the 28M of Jimmy Mars took first then in second was the 15 of Steve Francis, third was the 21JR of Billy Moyer Jr. and fourth was the 49 of Jonathan Davenport.

The B Feature One, which was 12 laps, was won by 1G of Devin Gilpin, second was the 12 of Jason Jameson, third was the 20 of Jimmy Owens and fourth was the 1CJ of Rusty Schlenk.

Feature two was won by the 20C of Jacob Hawkins followed by the 50 of Shanon Buckingham, third was the 10 of Eddie Carrier Jr. and fourth was the 3s of Brian Shirley.

The 14 of Darrell Lanigan followed by the 44 of Chris Madden, the 0 of Scott Bloomquist and the 17 of Zack Dohm took home the top four spots in the Twin 25 Feature 1, which was 25 laps.

The Twin 25 Feature 2 was won by the 25Z of Mason Zeigler, in second was the 28M of Jimmy Mars, third spot was the 39 of Tim McCreadie and fourth was the 32S of Chris Simpson.

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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