Darke County Fair Board accepts bid from Spirit Medical


GREENVILLE — A bid was accepted from Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, for $10,000, to cover emergency services at the 2017 Darke County Fair at the the Darke County Fair Board (DCFB) Meeting, June 21, in Greenville, Ohio.

According to Fair Director Brian Rismiller, Darke County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been in contract with the fair since the beginning. It had held the same annual price, since 2010, of $7,000 for fair coverage. The Darke County EMS contract was up and its new proposal of $14,000 was too high, according to the DCFB. Spirit came in at $10,000. The proposals were too high, so the bid was changed to reflect less hours of coverage. Both Spirit and Darke County EMS sent in proposals with less hours spent at the fair. The Darke County EMS was at a lower cost with less hours, totaling $8,625, according to Greenville Township Rescue Chief Steve Wenning. During the meeting, Spirit cut its price again to $7,500, cutting the hours of coverage for band show and cheer leading.

Board Vice-President Doug Martin asked, “Do we really want to cut the hours? I am not comfortable with that.”

After some discussion, the board rescinded the motion to accept Spirit’s proposal with cut hours and to accept a bid of $10,000 with full hours covered. According to Chief Wenning, since Darke County EMS was holding the contract, the Darke County EMS sat down with DCFB members in April. Wenning said that he had to put enough money into his initial bid of $14,000, to cover the growing costs of paid employees.

“The Greenville Township and all of the squads have gone to paying their employees,” he said. “I couldn’t go any lower and recoup the pay for the county squad.”

At the time of his original bid, Wenning said DCFB members asked if his bid was negotiable and he said it was.

“I reduced my hours and rate and gave a second proposal, because they wanted it lowered,” Wenning later told The Daily Advocate. “A motion was made to accept Spirit’s $7,500 proposal for three years. Then they rescinded that motion and accepted Spirit’s proposal adding all of the hours back in for a total bid of $10,000. They didn’t allow me the opportunity to bid at my new rate. I am unhappy with the fact that they didn’t allow me to at least re-do the math when they added all the hours back in. Whether it would have been lower than Spirit’s or not, I don’t know, but I would have appreciated the chance to do the math.”

In other news, a motion was passed to allow the Greenville Area Dog Club (GADC) to stay in the same barn as last year during this year’s fair. In addition, DCFB President Dean Neff said a work meeting will take place about building a new facility to be used by 4-H and the GADC. A 4-H representative said the current building is unsafe and the club members have raised about $16,000 toward the building of the new barn.

A motion passed at the June 7 meeting for the a Wash Rack to be reworked from department volunteers on their own dime. A representative of that project said he is backing out due to insufficient amount of time to complete the project for this year. Board member Cindy Riffle wants to proceed with the project and is working towards garnering the funds. She will have a meeting on Sunday about the Wash Rack project. The Board approved a motion to hire a Trout Pond at this year’s fair for $8,000; to repair 10 stalls in the Danny Perdue Barn, and to allow someone to rent the barn; and to allow WGTR 97.5 FM to be the “Voice of the Fair,” at $2,100.

The Darke County Fair Board accepted a $10,000 bid from Spirit Medical Transport to cover emergency services at this year’s Darke County Fair.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_IMG_7933-revised.jpgThe Darke County Fair Board accepted a $10,000 bid from Spirit Medical Transport to cover emergency services at this year’s Darke County Fair. Advocate image
Drops Darke County EMS as emergency provider

By Carolyn Harmon

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