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Life today is busy and often stressful. Besides having oppressive schedules with little opportunity for relaxation, things occasionally don’t work out as planned. We find ourselves racing from commitment to commitment, duty to duty, and activity to activity. But the moment something unexpected fouls up our plans we can either fly off the handle or try to hold on to our composure

One thing that can help with stress and offers a myriad of benefits is strength training. Strength training has not received the press, in recent years, that cardio and stretching has, but it is an important part of an overall fitness program. It might be more appropriate to say the latest buzz phrase is “physical therapy”.

When we arrive at a certain age we begin to discover weaknesses within our body. Often this is a result of repetitive motion either executed incorrectly, done more times than the body could handle or accomplished by using the same few muscles while repeated ignoring the other muscles within the body.

Strength training is part of a physical therapy regiment and does not necessarily include weight lifting. Strength can be accomplished by using one’s body weight, resistance bands, and basic exercises. Such training can enhance our quality of life, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, burn calories more efficiently, develop strong bones, increase bone density, improve our balance, sharpen our minds, increase our spirits and energy levels, and reduce the signs and symptoms of many chronic conditions, such as back pain, heart disease, depression, diabetes, arthritis and obesity.

Strength training benefits everyone and can be done at home using only your body weight by doing pushups, pull-ups, squats, crunches and lunges. Strength and cardio can be accomplished by jumping rope, and resistance bands/tubes can strengthen every stretch. Barbells and free weights are inexpensive and can take strength training to the next level when ready. For those who prefer the safety of weight machines or the support of others joining the YMCA or the local gym is a great option. Local facilities also offer options such as yoga and water exercise classes, elliptical machines and anti-gravity treadmills.

It only takes two to three days a week to improve your current condition and how long you spend on each session depends on your self-evaluation and what you are striving to accomplish. Just be sure to allow the body a day or two to recover. Bodybuilders work out daily by working their upper body one day and their lower body the next, thus always giving the worked muscles time to rest and recover.

Since on average we lose about 30 percent of our strength between ages 50 and 70, and another 30 percent of what is left per decade after that it’s important to maintain a regular training routine. Exercise not only halts our muscle deterioration but we can regain what was once lost.

Don’t quit because progress is slow, just remember slow progress is still progress. Vow to be stronger than your strongest excuse.


Tonight, the fountain square entertainment begins with the Kim Kelly Orchestra at 7:30 pm. Like last year Michael Anthony will be preparing food and Moeller Brew Barn will also be on hand. Next Friday will be the Sauerkraut German Band. These concerts are made available by the generosity of Towne & Country Players and their patrons. To become a patron you may mail your contribution to T&CP, PO Box 117, Versailles, OH 45380 or contact Therese Pohlman, Jim Kelch, Lynn Blakeley or any of the board of directors.

Tonight until 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 until noon Trinity Lutheran is holding its annual rummage sale.

Tuesday, June 27th at 1:30 pm the Darke County Parks Dept. will be at the Versailles library giving a presentation on Ohio animals and county parks.

Birthday wishes to Bryce Paulus (2), Lilly Subler (3), Grady Rhoades (5), Gabby Subler (5), Noah Rhoades (7), Addison Fine (9), Kelly Luthman, Jana Reed, Wendy Vore, Jacquie Hazelwood, Ella Porter, Nick Timmerman, Ed Porter, Jeremy Lear, Kasey Christian, Chris Huber, Blaine Hawkey, Larry Brown, Becky Klipstine, Jenni Treon, Colleen Grillot, Barb Kissinger, Angie DeMange, Ron Mescher, Jenny Feltz, Diana DeMange, Russell Jay, Tim Bornhorst, Toni Riegel, Chad Peyton, Chris Huber, Donna Francis, Kasey Christian, Richard Coffield, Gary Poor, Jeannie Groesch, Jim Luthman, Sharon Deschambeau and Eric Miller as their birthdays approach. Anniversary wishes to Christi and Matt Rhoades (5), Ashlee and Dustin Lewis (10), Tracy and Chris Timmerman (10), Sherree and Ron Kremer (14), Hollie and Jeff Barga (15), Marianne and Shawn Unger (17), Suzy and Brad Grilliot (17), Sundra and Jerry Bey (22), Lori and Dan Lawrence (24), Elaine and Steve Peck (24), Tammy and Craig Prenger (25), Kathryn and Eric Hart (25), Helen and Marshall Gard (27), Dawn and Tom Petitjean (28), Kathy and Ralph Gehret (34), Marlene and Steve Schlater (40), Chris and Bill Beasley (40), Donna and Gary Huelskamp (48), Becky and John Klipstine (49) and Diana and Carl DeMange (50).

Please give your supportive and healing prayers for the many who are dealing with any of life’s countless challenges, and especially for Zachary Browder, Bill Luthman, Amanda Danheim, Theresa Borgerding, Theresa Buteau, Chris Apple, Miriam Harman, Jack Monnin, Mary Batty, Norma Magoto, Anne Schmitz, Donna & Terry Black, Wanda & Joe Bailey, Betty Kremer, Dan Roseberry, Beverly Brown, Linda Kendinger, Harold Langston, Sr., Julie Keihl, Joan Magoto, Jeanne Brandon, Rosie Pearson, Virginia Smith, Linda Henry, John Subler, Mary Barga, Anabelle Subler, Julia Billenstein, Merilyn Borchers, Connie (Baltes) Lechleiter, Jack Borgerding, Dan Monnin, Lois Youngker, Barb Goubeaux, Cyril Frantz, Eileen Rahm, Cyril Voisard, Samantha Smith, Brian Voisard, and all those not mentioned by name who are ill, suffering, hospitalized, homebound and/or in need of our prayers and their caregivers.

Heartfelt sympathy to the family and friends of Derek Middendorf (30), Keith Broerman (52), Charles Daughtery (73), Ron Bruner (75), Gene Roediger (77), and also remembering the lives of Brenda Schemmel, Miriam Slonkosky, Luella McGowan, Sister Carmelita (Monnin), Gene Brown, Mary Ellen Pearce, Judy Seger, JD Weaver, Kim Neal, Brandon Burnside, Joe Henry, Barbara Miller, John Floyd, Carly Garner, Shirley Poeppelman, Tony Arnold, Jim Raterman, Sarah Magoto (my mother), Paul Gariety, Richard Fisher, Carl Subler, John Stahl, Wayne Groff, Beatrice Barga, Joan Blakeley, Eileen Bigham, Agnes Barton, Phil Kindell, Irene Henry, Bud Heuing, Betty Marchal, Dale Barga, Ed Simon and all those not mentioned by name as the anniversary of their recently passing.

“Remember with physical therapy: Today it hurts tomorrow it works.” ~S. Michaels

“Fitness is like marriage you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work. “ ~Unknown

“You’re stronger than you think. Your mind will quit 100 times before your body ever does.” ~C. Edwards

By Kathy Magoto

Versailles News

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