Bradford library to offer astronomy workshop


BRADFORD — “Glancing at the Stars, a workshop presented by the amateur father-son duo of Paul and Eric Sullenberger from Piqua, will be held at the Bradford Public Library on Thursday, June 29. In case of inclement weather, the workshop will be rescheduled for Tuesday, July 18.

Eric Sullenberger, teacher at Russia Schools is an avid astronomer as is his father, Paul. Their program will begin at 8 p.m. in the Community Room, then proceed to the Y-Yard, across from the library to view the heavens.

Due to the tilt of the earth, you may see Jupiter and Saturn, the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, as well as Saturn’s rings. In addition, the bright stars Regulus in the constellation of Leo, Antares in Scorpius, Spica in Virgo and Arcturus are all good targets.

The beginning of the program will discuss the upcoming solar eclipse on Aug. 21, and include examples of solar viewing glass filters and other methods for safe viewing. The workshop also will give a thorough view of what astronomy is and what is included in the science of astrology, such as Naked-Eye Astronomy, the use of magnified viewing, other tools and computer applications, taking a look at our own galaxy, what lies beyond and what is now termed “The Great American Eclipse.”

Bradford Public Library would like to know how many people will be attending, so please call (937) 448-2612 to sign up.

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