4-H discusses concerns with Darke County Fair Board over dog barn


GREENVILLE — A discussion continued at the Darke County Fair Board (DCFB) Meeting, July 5, about the building of a new dog barn.

Darke County Junior Fair Dog Committee President Andria Haworth, who is also the assistant secretary of the Dog Barn and the head advisor the Canine Capers 4-H Club, spoke at the meeting out about safety concerns of the current facility and concerns of the one to be built. She said the current facility has water dripping from the rafters causing concern due to plugged-in extension cords. Also, she said the barn is very hot and she worries about the overheating of the dogs.

DCFB Board President Dean Neff said he was aware of the concerns and will try to come up with an answer sometime in October. The board will make do with the current facility for this year and try to make the best of the situation, he said.

Some concerns for the new facility, from Haworth are for the people who have donated the about $16,000 towards the new facility. She said the original plans for a 72 by 220-foot building have been in place about 18 months, costing approximately $100,000.

“If we are going to continue asking businesses for money, the kids need a commitment to tell people, a time frame of when it will go up.”

Board President Neff explained that since the new facility will not be grandfathered in, expenses are greater than what they had anticipated, including the possible installation of a sprinkler system. He said the board will have a special work session to come up with answers about the new building.

Another concern came from Haworth about the intentions of the Greenville Area Dog Club (GADC) possibly holding up the building of the new dog barn. In an earlier meeting, some of the GADC representatives requested from the DCFB, possible further improvements be added to the current building plans for their possible year-round use of the building. No decision was made on that request during that meeting.

“We haven’t received any financial help from the GADC on any of our fundraisers for the new barn,” Haworth said. “We don’t want the barn to be delayed due to the board getting additional estimates for additions the dog club is requesting from the current drawing. This is supposed to be for the kids. That barn needs to go forward and the club can make the upgrades at a later time and pay for those additions themselves.”

In other news, the board approved Fitzwater Tree Service to do tree work repair prior to the fair for $3,600; to develop the Moose lot with electric, sewer and water for additional camp sites for $30,000; and to make an offer of $8,000 to Harrison Township for their dump truck.

The next board meeting is July 19 at 7:30 p.m.

By Carolyn Harmon

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