Confused by council’s decision



Still being relatively new to Greenville, I was delighted to hear about plans for an informational kiosk that would serve tourists and locals in addition to the Visitor’s Bureau, since their hours are, as needs be, limited. My husband and I have walked downtown on several occasions often passing the Bureau, thinking how some information on this or that would be useful, but it being evening, was beyond its usual business hours.

Thinking the kiosk quite a good idea, I was confused to read that the City Council opposed suspending any of the readings for such a seemingly simple and very useful, structure. Of course, the newspaper may have left out some subtle explanation provided by Council members at the meeting; but this kiosk, I would think, would be quite useful, given the amount of dollars I’ve read that tourism contributes to the local economy and wages. Requiring all readings without exception, is perhaps the rule?

Carol Dutcher


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