Taken aback by allegiance to the Confederacy



I am taken aback by people; especially those of local origin, that have some type of allegiance to the Confederacy (CSA). It represents the worst time in history for the development of our Nation.

Furthermore, aside from the obvious racist overtones, it represents the greatest act of treason in the history of the United States. My father’s family fought for the Confederacy and made money off the slave trade. These are things our family finds abhorrent today. It is a stain that needs to be remembered, but not romantically memorialized.

If you really want heritage as a result of your Southern roots, perhaps you should drive around with 2 Union Jacks flying proudly from your pick up truck. After all, 80 percent of the participants representing King George III in the battles in the Southern Colonies during the American Revolution were native born colonists loyal to the British Crown. Give it some thought.

Robert Pell


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