346 runners, walkers compete in Angel Run 5K in North Star


NORTH STAR – Almost 350 runners and walkers competed in the 20th annual Angel 5K on Sunday morning in North Star.

The Angel Run was started in 1998 in memory of Lynn Topp and all lost loved ones. Topp was out for a morning jog on Feb. 21, 1998, and never returned home. She was found murdered several weeks later. The race, which had 346 participants this year, was created to remember Topp and give back to the North Star community.

Andrew Broering won the race in a time of 17:25.9, Luke Barga finished second in 17:33.8, and Cele Gonzalez finished third in 17:45.4.

Crystal Barton was the top overall female finisher in 21:08.7, Brooklyn Miras finished second in 21:47.3, and Emily Siegrist finished third in 22:42.4.

Michael Gonzalez won the boys 10 and younger division in 23:44, Chase Spencer finished second in 26:00.2, and Owen Bornhorst finished third in 27:34.7.

Lauren Warner won the girls 10 and younger division with a time of 24:58.7, Eden Barga finished second in 32:55.3, and Finley Magoto finished third in 35:52.5.

Noah Stevens won the boys 11 to 14 division in a time of 21:06.9, Hayden Barnhorst finished second in 21:35.5, and Caleb Kaiser finished third in 23:46.3.

Treya Conn won the girls 11 to 14 division in 25:46.3, Alexa DeMange finished second in 26:37.7, and Cierra Rosinski finished third in 26:41.9.

Jon Albers won the boys 15 to 19 division with a time of 18:14.9, Ryan Cavanaugh finished second in 19:18.6, and Tyler Davis finished third in 19:35.

Cassie Pohlman won the girls 15 to 19 division in a time of 22:51.8, Kenia McEldowney finished second in 22:56.6, and Mara Wetzel finished third in 23:39.7.

Dillan Webster won the men’s 20 to 24 division in 18:45.8, Ethan Monnin finished second in 20:03, and Austin Bergman finished third in 22:21.9.

Elizabeth Knapke won the women’s 20 to 24 division with a time of 22:59.5, Maria Heckman finished second in 23:00, and Cassie Jutte finished third in 24:08.8.

Timothy Lowman won the men’s 25 to 29 division in a time of 20:26.4, Beau Hemmelgarn finished second in 22:42.5, and Ben Hill finished third in 23:48.2.

Lauren Rindler won the women’s 25 to 29 division in 25:32.1, Brittany Burnelto finished second in 27:58.9, and Lori Lowman finished third in 29:00.7.

Brooks Topp won the men’s 30 to 34 division with a time of 19:00.7, Kyle Homan finished second in 20:59.8, and Chris Jones finished third in 22:45.9.

Kathy Reichhart won the women’s 30 to 34 division in 26:45, Danyel Spillers finished second in 27:01.8, and Ami Anthony finished third in 27:39.5.

Craig Topp won the men’s 35 to 39 division in 20:50.7, Eric Sutter finished second in 22:18.2, and Andrew Meese finished third in 23:25.7.

Jennifer Warner won the women’s 35 to 39 division in a time of 23:57, Sabrina Riley finished second in 25:04.5, and Jennifer Billenstein finished third in 27.18.

Fred Schmiedebusch won the men’s 40 to 44 division with a time of 18:54.6, Doug Warnecke finished second in 20:15.1, and Valentin Lopez finished third in 20:48.5.

Becky Puthoff won the women’s 40 to 44 division in a time of 24:55, Jenny Wagner finished second in 25:25.6, AND Michelle Koverman finished third in 26:01.3.

Mike Thomas won the men’s 45 to 49 division in 18:57.5, Joey Hoover finished second in 20:23.7, and Dean Wintrow finished third in 22:52.

Kathryn Broering won the women’s 45 to 49 division in a time of 23:54.5, Ruth Barga finished second in 27:27.3, and Kitty Davis finished third in 27:27.9.

Doug Jutte won the men’s 50 to 54 division in 21:28.3, Tom Broering finished second in 23:00.9, and Todd Hickerson finished third in 27:33.3.

Shelley Shrock won the women’s 50 to 54 division with a time of 28:10.9, Danesa Borgerding finished second in 28:35.3, and Beverly Smart finished third in 28:47.5.

Dave Shrock won the men’s 55 to 59 division in a time of 22:32.8, Daniel Lee Weaver finished second in 22:49.5, and Jeff Schlater finished third in 25:12.8.

Sandy Hoening won the women’s 55 to 59 division in 23:15.3, Cheryl Collins finished second in 27:03.1, and Penny Warner finished third in 29:15.9.

Richard Barton won the men’s 60 to 64 division with a time of 22:30.8, Larry Topp finished second in 23:56, and Peter Starbuck finished third in 27:18.9.

Sandy Dieringer won the women’s 60 to 64 division in a time of 26:02, Mary Siegrist finished second in 26:05.7, and Connie Harshbarger finished third in 26:11.3.

Randy Bashore won the men’s 65 to 69 division in 24:47.3, Ron Griffitts finished second in 26:27.8, and Jerry Siegrist finished third in 37:22.1.

Brenda Nickol won the women’s 65 to 69 division in 37.23.7, Nancy Rowe finished second in 56.47.2, and Theresa Grillot finished third in 57.59.3.

Galen Wetzel won the men’s 70 and older division in 29:50.3, Gene Black finished second in 36:25.8, and Harry Brown finished third in 37:03.8.

Janie Timmerman won the women’s 70 and older division in 53:44.9, and Phyllis Buckingham finished second in 1:10:48.7.

For complete results from the Angel Run 5K, visit www.goodtimesraces.com.

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Sayer Magoto and Taylor Grilliot cross the finish line together during the 20th annual Angel Run 5K in North Star.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Sayer-Magoto-and-Taylor-Grilliot-WEB.jpgSayer Magoto and Taylor Grilliot cross the finish line together during the 20th annual Angel Run 5K in North Star. Kyle Shaner | The Daily Advocate

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