DP&L encourages customers to be safe during extreme hot weather


DARKE COUNTY — Dayton Power and Light encourages its customers to be safe as extremely hot temperatures affect West Central Ohio the latter half of this week and into the weekend. We are prepared to meet electricity needs from our customers as temperatures rise to above 90 degrees and heat indices are expected to surpass 100 degrees.

DP&L continually monitors power generation, weather conditions and customer usage throughout our 24-county service territory. During times of extreme heat, we delay routine work to maximize the capacity of the system and can enable back-up power sources, if needed.

Be safe at home:

· Be aware of the heat. Pay attention to it and modify your activities appropriately.

· Electricity and water do not mix. Don’t handle or plug in electrical appliances unless you’re completely dry.

· Pay attention to your hydration status; drink plenty of fluids.

· If you or someone you know doesn’t have air conditioning, choose places to go to for relief from the heat, such as schools, libraries, theaters, or malls.

Be smart about energy use:

· Use air conditioning efficiently – set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer. The recommended setting is 78 degrees especially when you are asleep or away.

· Go automatic – Set air conditioning to “auto” instead of “on” and reduce your energy costs.

· Change or clean – filters once a month. Dust and dirt make your unit work harder.

· Vacuum – registers and vents regularly.

· Block the sun – Close blinds and shades during the warmest times of the day to keep the heat out and the cool air in.

· Click it off – Turn off unnecessary lights and switch to energy-efficient lighting that gives off less heat in your home.

· Circulate – Turn off ceiling fans in unoccupied rooms. Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms.

· Small is better – Cook with your microwave or toaster oven instead of your stove.

· Wait until later in the evening to use heat-producing appliances, like the oven, clothes dryer and dishwasher. Many dryers and dishwashers have timers you can set so they turn on hours later.

Be prepared with updates to save money and energy long term:

· Install a programmable or smart thermostat. Proper use can save $180 a year. DP&L offers $75 rebates on smart thermostats​.

· Upgrading your system to a new, efficient model can save $150. DP&L will send you a rebate – you don’t have to do the paperwork.

· Install a whole-house fan.

· Insulate your attic and make sure it is properly ventilated.

· Install energy efficient windows and doors.

Keep up with the latest energy savings news and info on our Power Play blog. With regular updates, DP&L covers everything from seasonal energy tips, business rebate updates and easy DIY projects to help you Be a Savings Champion.

DP&L offers a number of payment options and there are a number of payment assistance programs available from the State of Ohio to help customers manage their electric bills. A special home energy assistance program is available for low income customers with a documented illness

Get rid of summer peaks in your bill with budget billing.

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