477 runners, walkers compete in Breast Cancer Awareness 5K in Greenville


GREENVILLE – More than 475 runners and walkers competed in the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K on Saturday morning in Greenville.

The annual 5K, which raises money for prevention and screening of breast cancer, saw 477 individuals cross the finish line.

Calen Bruner was the top individual finisher in a time of 16:45.6, and Isaac Stephens finished second in 17:25.

Grace Butler was the top female finisher in 21:02.6, Brooklyn Miras finished second in 22:45.5, and Arianna Garrison finished third in 23:22.9.

Owen Marker finished first in the boys 10 and younger division in 25:22.7, Hayden Burns finished second in 25:29.1, and Hunter Burns finished third in 25:57.9.

Jenna Johnston won the girls 10 and younger division in 27:43.2, Hannah Rindler finished second in 34:48, and Arika Hudkins finished third in 36:58.4.

Braylon Reier won the boys 11 to 14 division in 20:59.5, Seth Shaffer finished second in 24:31.2, and Will Kammer finished third in 27:45.3.

Aubrey Brant won the girls 11 to 14 division with a time of 25:06, Kassondra Weyant finished second in 28:21.4, and Katelyn Conway finished third in 30:00.5.

Ben Butler won the boys 15 to 19 division in a time of 21:01.7, Ross Thayer finished second in 22:22.2, and Kyle Thornhill finished third in 26:10.1.

Ava Brant won the girls 15 to 19 division in 23:30, Mara Wetzel finished second in 24:13.1, and Maddie Simon finished third in 25:12.3.

Cody Evans won the men’s 20 to 24 division with a time of 21:39.7, Chad Hudkins finished second in 25:14.3, and Jacob Miller finished third in 27:56.2.

Brittany Boney won the women’s 20 to 24 division in a time of 26:52, Lindsey Tauscher finished second in 33:34.9, and Sarah Brookman finished third in 38:05.6.

John Mobley won the men’s 25 to 29 division in 19:32, Ryan Benge finished second in 23:57.4, and Jordan Francis finished third in 27:26.5.

Angela Borgerding won the women’s 35 to 29 division with a time of 26:43.2, Jillian Witters finished second in 26:49, and Megan Kessler finished third in 26:53.3.

Preston Ramsey won the men’s 30 to 34 division in a time of 21:24.4, Chris Jones finished second in 22:39.7, and Jimmy Smith finished third in 26:23.8.

Alicia Marker won the women’s 30 to 34 division with a time of 24:48.4, Sara Garrett finished second in 24:58.2, and Jill Willis finished third in 25:40.3.

Bruce Burns won the men’s 35 to 39 division in 21:11.7, Greg Merricle finished second in 22:08.3, and Josh Johnston finished third in 23:09.2.

Pamela Todd won the women’s 35 to 39 division in a time of 23:31.4, Sabrina Riley finished second in 24:37.2, and Jennifer Billenstein finished third in 26:17.1.

Eric Bontrager won the men’s 40 to 44 division with a time of 19:04.6, Justin Marshall finished second in 20:26, and Terry Neal finished third in 23:42.5.

Kati Stephens won the women’s 40 to 44 division in 24:44.4, Janelle Groeneweg finished second in 25:18.1, and Kelli Kagey finished third in 31:07.

Joey Hoover won the men’s 45 to 49 division in a time of 20:17.8, Melvin Johnson finished second in 23:52, and Brian Jones finished third in 24:51.6.

Nicole Robbins won the women’s 45 to 49 division with a time of 24:26.7, Anjanette Heck finished second in 25:32.6, and Kitty Davis finished third in 27:25.6.

Chuck Blinn won the men’s 50 to 54 division in 19:42.7, John Unger finished second in 20:53.7, and Scott Snell finished third in 21:04.7.

Shelby Haber won the women’s 50 to 54 division in a time of 25:13.3, Danesa Borgerding finished second in 29:31.8, and Christy Mortensen finished third in 37:07.3.

Rick Moody won the men’s 55 to 59 division with a time of 19:37.5, Dan Young finished second in 21:28.2, and Bill Haber finished third in 22:14.4.

Sandy Hoening won the women’s 55 to 59 division in a time of 23:25.6, Melina Gray finished second in 28:15.2, and Jenni Carson finished third in 28:33.1.

William Ostebur won the men’s 60 to 64 division in 24:47.5, Gary Grosch finished second in 25:18.9, and Carlos Menendez finished third in 26:30.5.

Connie Harshbarger won the women’s 60 to 64 division in a time of 26:28.2, Terry McCann finished second in 28:16.2, and Kathy Barton finished third in 28:23.7.

Randy Bashore won the men’s 65 to 69 division with a time of 25:05.6, Ron Griffitts finished second in 26:27.6, and Timothy Bayman finished third in 36:39.8.

Susan Fowble won the women’s 65 to 69 division in a time of 30:07, Rebecca Shumaker finished second in 34:44.5, and Brenda Nickol finished third in 35:42.9.

Tony Mendenhall won the men’s 70 and older division in 34:40.7, Gale Oler finished second in 44:05.5, and Lee Emrick finished third in 45:17.7.

Virginia Rammel won the women’s 70 and older division with a time of 40:22.4, Marty Schipfer finished second in 47:37.7, and Eileen Levering finished third in 48:53.9.

For complete results from the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K, visit www.goodtimesraces.com.

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Kendra Anthony (middle) walks with other members of Team Shirley & Kendra during the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K on Saturday morning in Greenville.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Kendra-Anthony-WEB.jpgKendra Anthony (middle) walks with other members of Team Shirley & Kendra during the Breast Cancer Awareness 5K on Saturday morning in Greenville. Kyle Shaner | The Daily Advocate

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