Versailles cross country runner Joe Spitzer wins the Bob Schul Invitational


WEST MILTON – Versailles senior Joe Spitzer defended his championship at the season-opening Bob Schul Invitational cross country meet on Saturday at Milton-Union.

Spitzer won the small school boys race, which included 346 runners, in a time of 15:58.5. The Versailles senior beat second place finisher Korry Hamlin of Bethel by more than 48 seconds and beat his time from last year by 35 seconds. Arcanum’s Tanner Delk finished third overall in this year’s race with a time of 16:51.1.

The top local finisher on the girls side was Bradford’s Karmen Knepp, who finished fourth in the small school girls race with a time of 20:04.6.

Led by Spitzer, Versailles finished eighth out of 33 teams in the small school boys race. Along with Spitzer, Brooks Blakeley finished 31st in 18:01.2, Stuart Baltes finished 72nd in 19:00.3, Adam Gehret finished 86th in 19:12.1, Caden Schulze finished 102nd in 19:26.9, Xavier Grillot finished 103rd in 19:27.1, and Ryan Subler finished 106th in 19:29.2.

Arcanum finished eighth in the small school boys race. After Delk, Chance Klipstine finished 28th in 17:56.6, Landon Kreusch finished 60th in 18:34.5, Dakota White finished 84th in 19:11.2, Logan Todd finished 167th in 20:38.6, Ethan Moores finished 220th in 21:52.3, and Jimmy Barry finished 283rd in 23:55.8.

Franklin Monroe finished 20th in the small school boys race. Cole Good finished ninth in 17:11.8, Kyle Ressler finished 48th in 18:23.0, Brendan Hosler finished 85th in 19:11.9, Ross Thayer finished 169th in 20:40.4, Xavier Gilliland finished 186th in 20:58.7, Bailey Wyan finished 204th in 21:28.2, and Isaac Schmitmeyer finished 22555th in 21:57.0.

Bradford finished 28th in the small school boys race. Jay Roberts finished 66th in 18:52.6, Jackson Moore finished 109th in 19:32.0, Kurt Hoover finished 174th in 20:44.4, Shane Bryan finished 218th in 21:50.2, Jared Shellabarger finished 278th in 23:42.4, and Jordan Shellabarger finished 282nd in 23:55.5.

Tri-Village finished 29th in the small school boys race. Landen Fraylick finished 79th in 19:08.7, Harley Ketring finished 108th in 19:30.4, Matthew Holzapfel finished 179th in 20:51.1, Dalton Cockerham finished 213th in 21:35.9, and Cameron Armstrong finished 320th in 26:08.4.

Ansonia finished 32nd in the small school boys race. Brayden Swabb finished 131st in 19:57.2, Logan Warner finished 156th in 20:28.5, Garrett Kaiser finished 212th in 21:33.0, Michael Hall finished 262nd in 22:59.5, Daniel Shaner finished 263rd in 22:59.8, Kyle Thornhill finished 265th in 23:05.0, and Jacob Vietor finished 327th in 27:11.6.

Mississinawa Valley finished 33rd in the small school boys race. Dalton Marker finished 154th in 20:27.2, finished 237th in 22:21.2, Roman Dircksen finished 253rd in 22:46.5, Michael Rammel finished 279th in 23:51.2, Colby Manning finished 299th in 24:21.2, Shawn Wogoman finished 316th in 25:36.1, and Brenden King finished 337th in 30:01.7.

Houston won the small school boys race while Minster won the small school girls race.

Versailles finished third out of 19 teams in the small school girls race. Megan Rismiller finished 11th in 20:32.6, Kenia McEldowney finished 13th in 20:47.9, Liz Watren finished 36th in 22:15.6, Maria Mangen finished 44th in 22:27.4, Lauren Menke finished 45th in 22:27.8, Emma Peters finished 52nd in 22:39.7, and Kennedy McEldowney finished 54th in 22:44.0.

Bradford finished ninth in the small school girls race. Following Knepp, Skipp Miller finished 13th in 20:47.3, Olivia Daugherty finished 95th in 23:53.1, Mercedes Smith finished 113th in 24:42.7, and Chelsea Gill finished 123rd in 25:05.8.

Franklin Monroe finished 13th in the small school girls race. Selene Weaver finished 50th in 22:39.1, Nicole Brocious finished 92nd in 23:49.8, Audrey Cable finished 99th in 24:10.4, Raegan Warner finished 117th in 24:56.5, and Danielle McVey finished 119th in 24:59.1.

Arcanum finished 16th in the small school girls race. Mara Wetzel finished 41st in 22:20.4, Aidan O’Brien finished 73rd in 23:08.5, Kayla O’Daniel finished 150th in 25:54.8, Paige Kreusch finished 167th in 26:23.2, Lana Johnson finished 196th in 28:39.9, and Mekenna Gunckel finished 238th in 35:38.7.

Ansonia finished 17th in the small school girls race. Katie Werts finished 105th in 24:20.5, Kassie Weyant finished 122nd in 25:05.0, Olivia Wright finished 132nd in 25:23.5, Breena Hall finished 159th in 26:11.9, Lydia Snyder finished 179th in 27:20.7, Amber Bergman finished 185th in 27:44.2, and Ava Kammer finished 233rd in 34:02.0.

The girls teams from Mississinawa Valley and Tri-Village didn’t have enough runners to record team scores. Tri-Village’s Lissa Siler finished 168th in26:27.2. Mississinawa Valley’s Gabby Rammel finished 211th in 29:59.2, Maria Ojeda finished 218th in 30:35.7, Casey Carrico finished 234th in 34:32.8, and Piper Phillips finished 237th in 35:30.8.

Minster’s Emma Watcke won the small school girls race, which included 243 runners, with a time of 19:09.4.

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Versailles’ Joe Spitzer won the Bob Schul Invitational cross country meet on Saturday at Milton-Union.’ Joe Spitzer won the Bob Schul Invitational cross country meet on Saturday at Milton-Union. Kyle Shaner | The Daily Advocate

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