World 100 kicks off at Eldora Speedway


ROSSBURG – The World 100 kicked off Thursday night at Eldora Speedway.

The evening began with 10 heat races each lasting 10 laps then went into the B Features. Following the 12-lap B Features racing went into the 25-lap Twin Feature.

Taking home first for heat one was the 32P of Bobby Pierce, in second was the 157 of Mike Marlar, and then in third was the 39 of Tim McCreadie.

In heat two the 44 of Chris Madden finished in first, second was the C9 of Steve Casebolt, and the B1 of Brent Larson finished third.

Heat three saw the 28M of Jimmy Mars in first, the 3s of Brian Shirley in second, and third was the 18K of Brandon Kinzer.

Taking home the black and white checkered for heat four was the 1R of Josh Richards, in second was the 99JR of Frank Heckenast Jr., and third was the 17D of Zack Dohm.

First in heat five was the 14 of Darrell Lanigan, second was the 18B of Shannon Babb, and third was the 1S of Brandon Sheppard.

The 1P of Earl Pearson Jr. won heat six, the 5 of Don O’Neal took second, and the C8 of Timothy Culp finished third.

Heat seven saw the 49 of Jonathan Davenport taking home first place, second place went to the 15H of Jon Henry and third was the 4 of Cody Mahoney.

The 12of Jason Jameson won the eighth heat followed by the 22 of Chris Ferguson in second and then the 25 of Jason Feger in third.

The 10 of Eddie Carrier Jr. finished first in heat nine, the 21 of Billy Moyer was second and third was the 32S of Chris Simpson.

For heat 10 the winner was the 116 of Brandon Overton, in second was the 4B of Jackie Boggs and third was the 25C of Shane Clanton.

The first B Feature saw the 88 of Andrew Reaume finish first, in second was the 33M of Tim Manville and third was the H1 of Jared Miley.

B Feature two had the 0 of Scott Bloomquist finish first, second was the 25Z of Mason Zeigler and third was the 28 of Dennis Erb Jr.

The third B feature saw the 55 of Jeep VanWormer in first, second was the 7R of Kent Robinson and third was the 9R of Curtis Roberts.

The next B feature saw the 20H of Jacob Hawkins taking home the black and white checkered, in second was the 22S of Gregg Satterlee and third was the 2TS of Travis Stemler.

Finishing first in the next race was the 116 of Brandon Overton, second was the 44 of Chris Madden and third was the 5 of Don O’Neal.

The Twin-Feature saw the 14 of Darrell Lanigan finishing first, the 49 of Jonathan Davenport in second and third was the 28M of Jimmy Mars.

By Jamie Wilson

For The Daily Advocate

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