Along the Garden Path: ‘The Glow’


For many years, Judy Chaffin of Dayton had a tradition of providing delightful pumpkin faces at the Stoddard Avenue Pumpkin Glow. She would go to Springfield each night after work and load up her car with pumpkins. With help from her family and friends, she increased the pumpkin glow from 25 to 825 that would be on display at Grafton Hill behind the Dayton Art Institute next to the Greek Orthodox Church.

Crowds of people would go to Judy’s home to gut and clean the pumpkins, carving and placing the work on the hill to be lit, and then enjoyed by the public.

“The Glow” will happen again this year and the community is excited to get the pumpkins ready to go.

Several Ladybug Garden Club members have offered their help in the past with gutting, cleaning, carving and placing the pumpkins on the hill for the actual lighting. It has been a fun time in that you are welcomed, you select your design, they provide the carving tools and go to work. There’s no pressure and it is a very enjoyable time.

This year the gutting will take place on Thursday, October 26 and Friday, October 27. Carving will begin on Saturday the 28 and on Sunday the 29. They welcome all ages and all skill levels. For parties of 8 or more they will try to serve seats together for the carving. Food and beverages are supplied all day long but they welcome donations.

This year to event is being sponsored by Grandview Medical Center/Kettering Heath Network. They have sponsors and support such as Mikesell’s Snack Food Company and more. They are grateful for the support of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church who allows them to have the Glow on their property.

The pumpkins are transported to the hill next to the church, with the lighting and viewing on October 30th and 31st. An appreciation party for those who have helped in the event will be on the 30th during the Glow. The event is free — well worth participating in and seeing with family and friends. For more information refer to or visit the Face book page at

By Charlene Thornhill

Along the Garden Path

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