Greenville school district demolitions running on schedule


GREENVILLE — The following commendations were extended during the October 19 Greenville City School District (GCSD) Board Meeting: to the Girls Tennis Team, and Coaches Jim Koontz and Matthew Haupt, for breaking the school records for most wins in a season; to Natalie Milligan, Abby Swensen and Addie Haupt of the Girls Tennis Team, for advancing to district tournament; to Jada Garland of the Girls Golf Team for receiving First Team American League honors; to Chelsea Whirledge, Vocal Music Director, and the High School Vocal Music Students for an excellent, enjoyable concert Monday, October 15.

The board approved to recommend district Treasurer Jenna Jurosic to file with the Darke County Auditor, the following permanent fiscal year 2018 appropriations totaling $42,538,831.31, listed by fund: General Fund $31,000,000, Bond Retirement $3,250,000; Permanent Improvement $1,500,000, Building $800,000; Food Service $800,000, Trust Funds $4,500, Expendable Trust $2,500, Uniform Supply, $45,000, Classroom Facilities $1,770,000, Customer Service $95,000, Adult Education $33,000, Principals Public Sup Fund $75,000, Other Local Grant $34,000, Enterprise Prog-Bus/LKEY $60,000, Agency Fund-COBRA $25,000, Educational Foundation $102,000, Classroom Facilities Maintenance $200,000, Capital Projects $100,000, Student Activities $130,000, Athletic Fund $370,000, Auxiliary Services $145,000, Educational Mgmt Info Sys $100,000.00, Summer Intervention $7,152.23, Vocational Education ENH $6,586.02, Capital Improvements $250,000, Other State Grants $11,102.52, Adult Basic Education $1,295.36, Idea-B $649,012.86, Carl Perkins Vocational $46,913.32, Title One $724,282.19, Reducing Class Size Grant $101,486.81 and Other Federal Grants $100,000.00.

The board also approved the Treasurer’s Bond in the amount of $100,000.00, in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, for the length of the contract term through July 31, 2019. The cost of the bond is $472.00. The board also approved about $5,200 in donations.

In addition, the board approved a resolution authorizing the amendment of a Master Supply Agreement dated July 14, 2016 with the lowest responsible bidder: Interstate Gas Supply, Inc., dba IGS Energy at $0.0354/kWh energy charge, and the extension of the delivery period, through and including the December 2020 monthly billing cycle. The Board of Education authorizes the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee to take necessary steps or appropriate to extend the delivery period under the Master Supply Agreement, extending the delivery period through the last clock hour on the normal meter read date of the December 2022 monthly billing cycle, so long as the price per kWh is equal to or below the current price in the Master Supply Agreement. And according to the resolution, the board directs the Treasurer Jurosic, to review the Master Supply Agreement and determine if the School District has sufficient funds to certify this resolution, assuming that the executed First Amendment will be at a price per kWh equal to or lower than the current price in the Master Supply Agreement, and, if the Treasurer so finds, to certify this resolution.

In other news, after the board approved several employee professional meeting destinations, GCSD board member Fred Matix pointed out some discrepancies in the mileage requested. Some of it was attributed to the fact that the starting point came from different places. School board member David Madden suggested the mileage be set from the school district to the destination, to allow for consistency. GCSD Superintendent Doug Fries said he will make a change to the Master Agreement.

“Until we get it into the agreement, I will make sure that we are checking the mileage,” he said.

In other news, Fries said the school demolitions are going pretty well. During the demolition of the junior high, four-five weeks of abatement work has taken place at Woodland,” Fries said.

“I am hopeful that as they finish up the demolition, they can move to Woodland and be pretty much in line to start the demolition there,” he said.

According to GCSD Board President James Sommer, Greenville Schools Foundation is seeking people willing to serve on its board of directors. According to the school’s website, Greenville Schools Foundation is a special fund, separate from public funds or other scholarship funds, used to support programs which assist and encourage the achievement of the highest standards of education of the young people within the Greenville school district.

The board went into Executive Session to discuss land and personnel compensation.

By Carolyn Harmon

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