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While it customary to assume that voting yes on a school levy is a vote to support the children, a deeper look paints a different picture:

1. According to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), 43 percent of area students are economically “disadvantaged.” Can Miami County Career Technology Center (MVCTC) justify taking money from struggling families to build a new school?

2. According to the ODE, the average “Local Tax Effort Index” of CTC area school districts is higher than 85 percent of school districts in the State of Ohio. Ask yourself, has MVCTC provided adequate justification to further tax this heavily burdened region?

3. According to the ODE, MVCTC will have a $10 million cash reserve at the end of the year, with a 2017 budget surplus of nearly $2 million.

4. MVCTC paid over $160,000 to place this same ballot issue on a special election in May 2017. It failed, meaning $160,000 of YOUR money was wasted. Special elections are more expensive than a general election in November. Should we reward this reckless spending by giving more?

Considering this information, ask yourself who needs the money more – the school that will end the year with $10 million in the bank, or the community with 43 percent of children being economically disadvantaged that has a heavier tax burden than 85 percent of the State of Ohio?

For me the choice is clear: Support your neighbors – VOTE NO on MVCTC Property Tax Levy – Tuesday November 7.

Ethan Pope

Huber Heights

By Ethan Pope

Huber Heights

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