Asking for support of communications levy



Darke County Residents: I am asking for your support for a tax levy that will bring our antiquated emergency radio communications up to national standards and allow our public safety system to become more efficient and effective in providing emergency services to you and your family.

I’m sure, like most, you have may questions as to the need for a new system. Not only is our current system old technology, but it is also becoming unreliable. If any parts should be needed to repair our current system they are no longer available trough our vendors. With that being said, we are potentially one equipment failure away from not being able to send fire, EMS or law enforcement to homes requiring service.

I, too, like everyone else, do not like paying more taxes. To my knowledge, residents have never been asked to support a countywide public safety levy. This project is going to be very expensive and the tax money generated will be strictly and solely used for the purpose of supporting the countywide emergency communications system. It will benefit all Darke County Public Safety agencies in the form of radios and communication equipment.

The .45 mill Levy will generate approximately $500,000 per year. A homeowner whose property is valued at $100,000 can expect an approximate $15.75 yearly tax increase. Again, I would like to stress the funds will be used exclusively for the expense of purchasing radios and communication equipment, as well as associated service fees, for first responders.

If you should have any questions regarding the communications system or levy, please do not hesitate to contact Chief Deputy Mark Whittaker or 911 Coordinator Melissa Hawes at 937-548-3399.

Toby L. Spencer

Darke County Sheriff

By Toby L. Spencer

Darke County Sheriff

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