Edger, Hines, Surber run for Greenville Township Trustee


GREENVILLE TWP. — Geoff Surber, Justin Hines, and Jeremy Edger will vie for two open seats on the Greenville Township Board of Trustees next week.

Surber runs a business in Greenville, GPS Computer Services, and also does appraisal work for the County Auditor.

Township trustees deal with three primary areas of responsibility, according to Surber: maintenance of roads and road signage in areas not covered by the city or county; mowing and otherwise maintaining the various cemeteries within the township; and working with township fire and rescue services to make sure the people of the township get what they need in those areas.

“I’ve been around roads my whole life. My dad’s the county engineer,” Surber said. “I don’t know which of those three wings I’ll be assigned, of course, but I feel I could bring a lot as far as maintaining the existing road infrastructure.”

Surber also feels he could contribute to other areas of the township.

“As far as the cemeteries, they’re run as a business,” Surber said. “I think I could bring something to the table as far as managing that business more efficiently. And I’ve heard people saying they felt like first responders weren’t being listened to where the rescue services are concerned, so I definitely think I could bring something there.”

In addition, Surber feels that some fiscal conservatism needs to be brought to the table, especially where the funding of projects like the proposed new Woodland Heights fire and rescue facility is concerned. Surber said he doesn’t feel putting additional taxes on the books to pay for such projects is the right way to go, specifically in light of the upcoming MARCS levy.

But most importantly, Surber says, Greenville Township is his home.

“I live within the township, and I’m very vested in the township,” said Surber. “I plan on living here the rest of my life, so I want to make it the best possible place to live.”

Jeremy Edger works for Remington Seeds in Greenville.

“I don’t like waste,” Edger said. “I want to be a good steward for the taxpayers’ money. I manage a business in Greenville and have for nine years, so I know how to make decisions based on need vs. want.”

Edger also feels his work experience will give him the ability to work with, as well as alongside, the township’s employees.

“I have experience managing and developing employees,” Edger said. “And with most people who may not do as good a job, I’d say it’s not that they’re not able to do a good job, but just that they lack the resources as far as training. I also have experience working with heavy equipment on the farm, so if someone gets sick, I can step up and fill in. If the guy who digs the graves at the cemetery gets sick… well, you can’t plan for everything. But you also can’t let that grave not get dug.”

Edger feels, like Surber, that upcoming projects like Woodland Heights will require attention to make sure money isn’t being spent that doesn’t need to be spent.

“There are always opportunities to save money,” said Edger. “Such as making sure you don’t get snowballed by contractors.”

Finally, Edger said that, while some have tried to discourage him from seeking the post, he feels he has a lot to offer as a township trustee.

“Everybody says it’s a thankless job,” Edger said. “But I guess I don’t need thanks. I like doing things for people. That’s the kind of person I am.”

Justin Hines has already previously served as a township trustee.

“I’ve decided to re-apply for another term because of my love for the community where I grew up,” Hines said. “I’ve also fostered relationships with many neighboring township trustees, so I’ve gained professional growth and experience through their knowledge and wisdom.”

Hines felt his understanding of the community and its needs would make him qualified to continue his position with the township. In the future, Hines said he hopes to continue to make tough decisions and look out for what’s in the best interest of the township and its citizens.

Elections for township trustee will take place November 7.

By Tony Baker

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