It would be a mistake to miss out



Darke County Residents: I am writing to encourage you to vote, “Yes,” on the Miami Valley Career Technical Center (MVCTC) Bond issue which will be on the November 7 ballot.

As a former workforce specialist for Darke County, I see the importance of the two Career Technical schools that serve Darke County students. The current biggest obstacle for economic growth that threatens economic maintenance is a shortage of skilled workers. Because attracting those workers from outside the region is near impossible for rural areas, it is necessary to grow your own workforce.

The Career Technical centers at both Greenville and the MVCTC have accepted this challenge and have updated programs, equipment, and facilities to meet the region’s workforce shortages. The MVCTC now has an opportunity to further update their facilities with a large percentage of state funds rather than local ones. I think it would be a serious mistake both for Darke County students and Darke County economic development to miss out on this opportunity.


Lisa J. Wendel

Former Darke County Workforce Specialist

By Lisa J. Wendel

Former Darke County Workforce Specialist

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