Let’s join together for our youth



The Light Foundation was established back in 2001 to instill and augment the values of responsibility, accountability, and hard work by providing youth with unique outdoor learning experiences that assist them in reaching their highest potential. The Foundation has the goal of leading young people down a path to becoming responsible members of their communities. It is truly a life-changing experience for the youth whom we serve.

Another organization that provides life-changing experiences and embodies the beliefs of the Light Foundation is the Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC). This organization serves a vital role in not only providing job training skills but instilling all of the values we strive to impart through the Foundation.

As a community, we have the opportunity on November 7th to guarantee that the MVCTC has the tools available to train future generations of students. We can ensure that our old JVS labs and equipment are updated to provide the training needed for our region’s current and future employees. I cannot stress enough how the minimal cost of this bond/levy will have a tremendous impact on the future of our region.

Let’s join together and provide many future life-changing experiences for our youth and vote for the MVCTC bond/levy on November 7.

With deepest gratitude,

Matt Light


By Matt Light


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