Mississinawa Valley girls basketball team falls to Fairlawn


UNION CITY – The Mississinawa Valley varsity girls basketball team hosted Fairlawn Monday night and fell 52-40 in non-conference action.

The Hawks got down 13-6 in the first quarter but showed a little fight in the second quarter.

Using pressure, the Hawks generated some turnovers for extra possessions, and they cashed in on a triple by Olivia Murphy and Riley Price to close the gap at the half, trailing 20-17.

Fairlawn was successful in its own right using pressure, causing the Hawks problems and coach Vance Venesky made a few adjustments coming out of the half.

The Hawks ran a successful cut in the lane, feeding sophomore Kya Lavy for 2 at the rim.

They followed that up with a kick to the wing, and Bailey Johnson flipped in a triple to tie the game at 22 early in the third quarter.

MV would get 6 points in the paint from Lavy but the outside shots weren’t falling, allowing the Jets to establish a 34-26 advantage.

The final stanza saw a lot of free throws with Fairlawn taking advantage at the line and holding off Mississinawa on its way to a 52-40 win.

In total Fairlawn went to the line 30 times converting 15 while Mississinawa Valley was 8-for-19.

“Tonight we got into a bit of foul trouble and weren’t hitting our 3s,” Venesky said. “It wasn’t a good combination for us.

“Our girls can shoot the ball, they do it in practice all the time, but when you’re dealing with kids who have very little varsity experience then you are in a game where you actually have a defender coming at you, well, it gets the adrenaline pumping,” Venesky said. “We have to work through that, and the girls are getting better.

“This was the most points we scored so far, so that’s a positive,” Venesky added. “Did we have some silly fouls, yea … but the girls were out there working hard, and I can’t fault that.

“Kya Lavy has a lot of ability and drive, but she can be a lot better than what she is now,” Venesky said. “She had a good game tonight with 12 points.

“We have a lot of young talent. We can’t teach them experience, but fortunately for them they are going to get a lot of playing time both at the JV and varsity level, and I only expect better things from these girls, and there is going to be a time very soon where they start getting it and figuring it out,” Venesky concluded.

Next up, Mississinawa Valley will travel to New Madison Thursday night to take on Tri-Village.

Box score:

Score by quarters

FL …. 13 … 07 … 14 … 18 – 52

MV .. 06 … 11 … 09 … 14 – 40

Individual scoring

Fairlawn – Graves 9, Dudgeam 14, Spicer 9, Huelskamp 14, Roush 2, Battan 4 –

Totals – 1-17-15/30 – 52

Mississinawa – Bailey Johnson 8, Sidnie Hunt 7, Riley Price 8, Olivia Murphy 5, Kya Lavy 12 – Totals – 4-10-8/19 – 40


FL – 1(Spicer)

MV – 4(Johnson 2, Price 1, Murphy 1)

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Mississinawa Valley’s Lindsay Johns takes a shot during a girls basketball game against Fairlawn on Monday in Union City.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Lindsay-Johns-WEB.jpgMississinawa Valley’s Lindsay Johns takes a shot during a girls basketball game against Fairlawn on Monday in Union City. Dale Barger | For The Daily Advocate

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