An open letter from the trustees of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church:



As we gather to celebrate the birth of the Christ child, many of us allow thoughts of our forefathers to creep into our conscience. It is much like the familiar scent of a fresh pine tree or to unwrap an old ornament that has decorated our trees for more years than any of us can remember.

You can almost hear the crunch of the snow under the runner of the sleigh as it makes its way to St. Peter’s for the Christmas Eve service.

Listen and you can hear the familiar sounds of the church bell as it cuts through the cold, crisp air. The sound can be heard by all the farms around the church, beckoning the settlers to come to worship.

The black wood burning stove warms the church as the crackling sound fills the meeting room. An old copper coffee pot has been heating, waiting for the Circuit Pastor to arrive.

A fresh cut tree sits by the pump organ and the first strands of “Silent Night” drift through the room.

What we wouldn’t give to be a part of that setting! But what if the next generation of our community doesn’t have the same opportunities as we have had to come home or to visit St. Peter?

To ensure that never happens we need your help to continue to raise funds to maintain the last of the log Churches in Darke County as well as the cemetery where many of our areas earlies settlers rest.

In the next few years the church will need to be painted, the yard continues to need mowed, and the daily upkeep will be needed in both church and cemetery.

Please consider a “Christmas gift” this year to support the historic legacy known as St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Your gifts may be sent in care of Richard Shumaker: 5958 Children’s Home Bradford Road, Greenville, Ohio 45331, or James Kelch: 105 Greenhaven Drive, Greenville, Ohio 45331.

We the above, representing the Trustees of St. Peter’s and the descendants of the original Congregation wish to thank you for your generosity and look forward to welcoming you” home” on September 16, 2018 for the annual homecoming.

May this season of His birth renew you, and bring you God’s peace. Merry Christmas!

The Trustees of St. Peter’s: Harold Klipstine, Chairman Emeritus (Deceased), Harold Shumaker, Chairman Emeritus (Deceased), Richard Shumaker, Chairman, James Kelch, Jane Martin, Betty McCormick, Robyn Moreland, Mary Lou Unger and Shawn Unger

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