Versailles boys swim team places 5th at Lima Holiday Invitational


LIMA – The Versailles High School boys swim team placed fifth out of 17 teams that scored points at the Lima Holiday Invitational on Thursday at the Lima YMCA.

Team scores were as follows: 1st, Lima Shawnee Lima Shawnee, 465; 2nd, Wapakoneta Redskins, 320; 3rd, Ottawa Glandorf, 219; 4th, Upper Sandusky High School, 170; 5th, Versailles,156; 6th, St. Marys Memorial, 154; 7th, Elida High School, 115; 8th, Minster, 112; 9th, New Bremen High School, 111; 10th, Lima Bath High School, 81; 11th, Kenton High School, 62; 12th, Ada High School, 56; 13th, Celina High School, 41; 14th, Miller City High School, 31; 15th, Marion Local High School, 30; 16th, Coldwater High School, 24; 17th, Botkins, 23;

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard medley relay: 6th, Versailles A, 1:55.68, Clint Morgan (SR) Jack Detrick (FR) Cole Condon (JR) Stuart Baltes (JR); 13th, Versailles B, 2:07.93, Ryan Subler (FR) Mitchell Huelskamp (SR) Pete Barga (SR) Nathanial Nelson (SR)

200 yard freestyle: 28th, 2:34.88, Huelskamp, Mitchell; 33rd, 2:44.86, Wagner, Jarrod

200 yard IM: 18th, 2:53.78, Barga, Pete

50 yard freestyle: 2nd, 22.66, Condon, Cole; 9th, 24.70, Morgan, Clint; 19th, 26.23, Detrick, Jack; 28th, 28.23, Wagner, Jarrod; 32nd, 29.09, Nelson, Nathanial; 42nd, 31.10, Petitjean, Jarrett; 47th, 31.36, Ethan, Davis; 48th, 31.49, Schultz, Owen; 56th, 35.56, Nelson, Jonathan

100 yard butterfly: 1st, 56.11, Condon, Cole; 9th, 1:07.41, Baltes, Stuart

100 yard freestyle: 10th, 56.03, Morgan, Clint; 18th, 1:00.32, Subler, Ryan; 19th, 1:00.47; Nelson, Nathanial; 39th, 1:10.67, Petitjean, Jarrett; 46th, 1:15.80, Ethan, Davis; 52nd, 1:25.07, Nelson, Jonathan

500 yard freestyle: 16th, 6:28.62, Baltes, Stuart

200 yard freestyle relay: 3rd, Versailles A, 1:38.68, Clint Morgan (SR) Stuart Baltes (JR) Jack Detrick (FR) Cole Condon (JR);

8th, Versailles B, 1:46.63, Ryan Subler (FR) Mitchell Huelskamp (SR) Jarrod Wagner (SR) Nathanial Nelson (SR); 24th, Versailles C, 2:09.95, Pete Barga (SR) Owen Schultz (FR) Jonathan Nelson (FR) Jarrett Petitjean (FR)

100 yard backstroke: 12th, 1:12.10, Subler, Ryan; 22nd, 1:19.56, Barga, Pete

100 yard breaststroke: 20th, 1:19.58, Detrick, Jack; 22nd, 1:21.82, Huelskamp, Mitchell; 29th, 1:26.30, Schultz, Owen

400 yard freestyle relay: 18th, Versailles A, 5:00.11, Jarrod Wagner (SR) Davis Ethan (SO) Owen Schultz (FR) Jarrett Petitjean (FR)

The team is coached by head swim coach Mark Travis. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at, click on athletics, click on sports schedules and click on swimming.

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