Versailles girls swim team places 10th at Jay County Invitational


PORTLAND, Ind. – The Versailles High School girls swim team placed 10th at the Jay County Invitational on Saturday in Jay County, Indiana.

Team scores were as follows: 1st, Jay County High School 406.5; 2nd, Celina High School 371.5; 3rd, Oak Hill High School 307.5; 4th, Fort Recovery 291; 5th, New Bremen High School 189; 6th, Minster 168; 7th, Centerville High School 165, 8th, Bluffton High School 127.5; 9th, Coldwater High School 81; 10th, Versailles 67; 11th, St. Marys Memorial 43; 12th, Fort Loramie High School 27; 13th, Van Wert High School 25; 14th, St Henry High School 24; 15th, Marion Local High School 23; 16th, Union City Community Schools 6;

The results for Versailles High School were as follows:

200 yard medley relay: 2:12.33, 11th, Versailles A, Grace Francis (JR) Lauren Menke (FR) Bethany Jones (FR) Tori Ahrens (JR); 2:15.27, 15th, Versailles B, Courtney Batten (JR) Payton Berger (SR) Lucy Prakel (SO) Sara Cavin (FR)

200 yard freestyle: 18th, 2:23.93, Cavin, Sara; 22nd, 2:42.36, Frederick, Morgan; 29th, 2:58.72, Monnin, Lauren

200 yard IM: 18th, 2:53.75, Prakel, Lucy; 19th, 3:02.74, Francis, Grace; 22nd, 3:15.25; Cordonnier, Taylor

50 yard freestyle: 15th, 28.65, Ahrens, Tori; 21st, 29.43, Cavin, Sara; 24th, 29.63, Berger, Payton

100 yard butterfly: 13th, 1:21.17, Prakel, Lucy; 20th, 1:28.47, Francis, Grace; 21st, 1:28.92, Dross, Kasidy

100 yard freestyle: 17th, 1:04.13, Wilker, Faith; 20th, 1:05.28, Ahrens, Tori; 24th, 1:06.83, Menke, Lauren

500 yard freestyle: 18th, 7:09.02, Day, Deanna; 20th, 7:18.84, Batten, Courtney;

200 yard freestyle relay: 16th, 1:55.28, Versailles A, Payton Berger (SR) Sara Cavin (FR) Faith Wilker (SR) Tori Ahrens (JR); 16th,

2:06.91, Versailles B, Kari Mangen (SR) Chloe Francis (JR) Kaia Kruckeberg (SO) Kasidy Dross (SO)

100 yard backstroke: 15th, 1:17.57, Wilker, Faith; 25th, 1:26.82, Dross, Kasidy; 30th, 1:31.00, Mangen, Kari

100 yard breaststroke: 13th, 1:19.63, Menke, Lauren; 17th, 1:23.34, Bey, Hannah; 18th, 1:24.44, Berger, Payton

400 yard freestyle relay: 13th, 4:41.58, Versailles A, Bethany Jones (FR) Hannah Bey (SO) Deanna Day (SO) Faith Wilker (SR)

20th, 5:26.78, Versailles B, Katelyn Rush (JR) Taylor Cordonnier (JR) Melissa Gigandet (JR) Morgan Frederick (JR)

The team is coached by head swim coach Mark Travis. For more information about the swim team, visit its website at, click on athletics, click on sports schedules and click on swimming.

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