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GREENVILLE — The Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation took place Monday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall.

The presentation recognized the top winners from the Regional Competition that took place at Miami Valley Career Technology Center, January 23. BPA is the Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields. The state association, consists of 19 regions located throughout Ohio. Region 3 consists of: Greenville, Franklin Monroe, Milton Union, Mississinawa Valley, Valley View, Wayne and Miami Valley Career Technology Center (MVCTC).

The award presenter was MVCTC Electives, Business, Information Technology, and Agriculture Supervisor David Peltz. Jim Buchy, former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, was guest speaker. He passed on advice to the young students, that were in the principals of humility, hard work, team work and integrity.

“We need men and women who are honest to the core, whose word is good,” Buchy said. “When you say “yes,” that means “yes;”when you say “no,” you can’t do it. If you adopt that, I guarantee you will go a long way in your careers.”

Greenville High School’s (GHS) Career-Tech Supply Chain Management Teacher Dara Buchy said Greenville has 17 Regional winners moving onto the state championship, in March. The hope is to make it to nationals, the first week in May, she said.

“These kids work so hard for weeks and weeks,” she said. “They did it. And they may not have done it to the point that they won, but the fact that they completed it, is just a feeling, as an educator, you can’t give to a student without being part of a career-tech student organization.”

GHS Career-Tech Senior Hunter Bradburn is in Nathan Sharpe’s Computer Information Systems class. He received first place in the Regional “Computer Security” contest, on a Cyber Security test.

“It is about how we prevent third party access, which is a human interruption,” he said. “It prevents people from getting access to personal information.”

Greenville Career-Tech Financial Specialist Program teacher Margie Heitkamp said most of the students were well prepared for the Regional competition, but the snow days may have had an impact.

“They are super excited to be here today, and to see the results,” she said.

Mississinawa Valley MVCTC Satellite Business teacher Tammy Drew brought about 24 students to receive results. She participated in a similar competition in high school, and had a good time going onto state and national competitions.

“I think it is a really good experience for the students to see how they excel in business,” she said.

MVCTC Computer Network Engineering Instructor John Underwood had 25 Regional award recipients, with 13 going to the state competition.

“Competing puts the rubber to the road,” he said. “A lot of students are just passed on from grade to grade to grade, and filling their brains with the knowledge. Competition gives the students a chance to prove that they are better. It gives them a chance to prove that they have learned, and that’s pretty awesome.”

The following are the recipients of the Darke County and MVCTC 2018 Region 3 Regional Awards:

Fundamental Accounting: First, Zach Longfellow, Mississinawa Valley (MV); Second, Meredith Cook, Franklin Monroe; Third,Ting Hao Zheng, Franklin Monroe; Fifth, Timithy VanDyke, Franklin Monroe; Sixth, Luke Booher, Franklin Monroe; Advanced Accounting: First, Shayla Henderson, Greenville; Payroll Accounting: First, Daisy Brim, MV; Second, Grace Zimmerman, Franklin Monroe; Third, Preston Pietrzak, MVCTC; Fourth, Christopher Dunn, MVCTC; Banking and Finance: First, Caden Hilling, MVCTC; Second, December Wright, MV; Third, Zach Connor, MV; Fourth, Zachary Massie, Greenville; Fifth, Connor Buffenbarger, MV; Sixth, Garrett Strait, Greenville; Economic Research: First, Korryn Millerton, MVCTC; Second, Jaz’cyah HarrisMcDavid, MVCTC;

Economic Research Team: First, Karson Boone and Keyana Humble, MVCTC; Personal Financial Management: First, Luke May, MVCTC; Second, Jacob Hornberger, MVCTC; Third, Blake Ullery, MVCTC; Fourth, Weaver Walton, MVCTC; Fifth, Jacelyn Huff, MVCTC; Sixth, Andrew Besecker, MVCTC; Fundamental Word Processing Skills: First, Brianna Puderbaugh, MV; Second, Kali Copeland, MV; Third, Brandon Fritz MVCTC; Fourth, Grace Gilmore, Franklin Monroe; Fifth, Leia Moore MV; Sixth, Kiley Timmers, MVCTC;

Intermediate Word Processing Skills: First, Colton Hines, MV; Second, Rachel Thompson, MVCTC; Fourth, Morgan Grudich, MVCTC; Fifth, Processing Skills, Kaylee Schoen, MVCTC; Sixth, Jacob Acton, MV; Advanced Word Processing Skills: First, Katherine Smith, MVCTC; Second, Lauren Claggett, MVCTC; Third, Kinsie Blocher, MV; Fourth, Payton Reichard, MVCTC; Integrated Office Applications: First, Lillian Pietrzak, MVCTC; Basic Office Systems & Procedures: First, Emelia Hammons MVCTC; Second, Caleb Wintrow, MVCTC; Third, Brittney Suhr, MVCTC; Fourth, Noah Koffer, Franklin Monroe; Fifth, Tristin Crotinger, Franklin Monroe; Sixth, Harmonie Thomas, MVCTC; Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications: First, Sierra Persinger, MVCTC; Second, Courtney Seevers, MVCTC; Third, Zach Cable, Franklin Monroe; Fourth, Jessica North, MVCTC; Fifth, Luke Barnes, MVCTC; Sixth, Ryun Schlecht, MVCTC;

Advanced Spreadsheet Applications: First, Zebediah Hannan, MV; Second, Kaleb Florea, MVCTC; Database Applications: First, Dustin Cobb, MVCTC; Second, Brian Johnson, MVCTC; Third, Courtney Barlow, MVCTC; Fourth, Cameron McCormick, MVCTC; Fifth, Tony Perdue, MVCTC; Sixth, Darlene Carter, MVCTC; Medical Office Procedures: First: Morelia Balli, MVCTC; Second, Maegann Hackworth, MVCTC; Third, Alyxandria Adams, MVCTC; Fourth, Christian Vincent, MVCTC; Fifth, Trinity Layman, MVCTC; Sixth, Chloe Holicki, MVCTC; Administrative Support Team: First: Haley Bloom, Hallie Berberich, Chloe Fogle, Kristen Dickison, MVCTC; Second: Breanna Burkhart, Kya Lavy, Kelsey Hittle, Bailey Johnson, MV; Third: Bailey Watson and Joey Harris, MVCTC; Administrative Support Research Project: First, Madison Hoffman, MVCTC; Business Law & Ethics: First, SIERRA CAPLINGER, MVCTC;

ICD‐10‐CM Diagnostic Coding Pilot: First, Shelly Brumbaugh, MVCTC; Computer Network Technology: First, Zachary Pohl, Greenville; Second, Maxwell Onkst, Greenville; Third, Caleb Boyd, MVCTC; Fourth, Grayson Glancy, Greenville; Fifth, Tommy Gauvey, MVCTC; Sixth, Austin Bird, MVCTC; PC Servicing and Troublshooting: First, Maxwell Nealeigh, Greenville; Second, Jacob Hultberg, MVCTC; Third, Cameron Bucklew, Greenville; Fourth, Kacey Hall, MVCTC‐MU; Fifth, Dylan Hetzel MVCTC; Sixth: Patrick James MVCTC;

Network Administration Using Microsoft: First, Nathan Snedigar, MVCTC; Second, Cameron Willis, MVCTC; Third, Jacob Jaros, MVCTC; Fourth, Jahcorian Ivery, MVCTC ; Fifth: Caleb Kolb, Greenville; Sixth, Tessah Knisley, MVCTC; Computer Security: First, Hunter Bradburn, Greenville; Second, Hunter Pyles, MVCTC; Third,Preston Fox, MVCTC; Fourth, Andrew Kiryluk, Greenville; Fifth, Tyler Bragg, MVCTC; Sixth, Justin Stephens, MVCTC; Network Design Team: First: Alexander Lewis and Tyler Mullen, MVCTC; C++ Programming: First, Thane Class, MVCTC; Second, Logan Bowers, MVCTC; Third, Cylas Whiting, MVCTC; Fourth, Cameron Snyder, MVCTC; Fifth, Kwestion Ahmad, MVCTC; Sixth, Johnathon Brandenburg, MVCTC;

Java Programming; First, Joshua Adkins, MVCTC; Second, Jessica Olson, MVCTC; Third, Jeremy Miller, MVCTC; Fourth, Stephen McIntosh, MVCTC; Fifth, Cole Booghier MVCTC; Zane Ellenburg, MVCTC; SQL Database Fundamentals: First, Ryan Schwieterman, Greenville; Fundamental Desktop Publishing: Third, Beanna Bailey, Greenville; Fourth, Lainee Stiver, MVCTC; Sixth, Gwyneth Poteet, Greenville; Fundamentals of Web Design: First, Cody Wright, MVCTC;

Graphic Design Promotion: Second, Landin Brown, Greenville; Third, Joseph Henry, Greenville; Fourth, Lynsie Siegler, Greenville; Fifth Michael Nelson, MVCTC; Sixth, Kevin Gulley, Greenville; Digital Media Production: First, Jayce Lovett, Greenville; Video Production Team: First: Alexandra Gerard, Tomas Keomanila, Alana Oakes, MVCTC; Second: Logan Humphrey; Aniyah Jordan; Jarod Murphy, MVCTC; Third: Cameron Bailey, Kyle Burns, Noah Daugherty, MVCTC; Broadcast News Production Team: First: William Jones, Parker Matson, Nathaniel Parker, MVCTC; Second: Tristen Collins, Ethan Fee, Breanna Lavy, Dani Robinson, Franklin Monroe; Third: Caroline Kress, Hayleigh Spires, Rileigh Vance, Franklin Monroe;

Global Marketing Team: First: Isabelle Middleton, MVCTC; Alison Pierce, MVCTC; Kaitlan Thompson, MVCTC; Second: Teaha Kaufold, Greenville; Zoe Presnall, Greenville; Third: William Anderson, Greenville; Paige Ross, Greenville, Ethan Emrick, Greenville; Entrepreneurship: First, Kaitlyn McNutt, Franklin Monroe; Second: Amy Starnes, Greenville; Third, Connor Null, Greenville; Fourth, Sam Motz, MVCTC; Small Business Management Team: First: Grace Fee and Danielle McVey, Franklin Monroe; Second, Sean Hodges and William Timmons, MVCTC; Third: David Printz, RJ Smith; Taylor Schmidt, Greenville;

Interview Skills: First, Rachel Unger, Greenville; Second, Kloe Zink, Franklin Monroe; Third, Jessica Leffew, MVCTC; Fourth, Jacob Motz, MVCTC; Fifth, Alyssa McCarty, Franklin Monroe; Sixth, Dean Sease, Franklin Monroe; Advanced Interview Skills: First, Bryce Filbrun, Franklin Monroe; Second, Abigail Hissong, MVCTC; Third, Tristan Persinger, MVCTC; Extemporaneous Speech: First, Amy Besecker, Franklin Monroe; Second, Tyler Fleming, Greenville; Third, Jarod Pleshek, MVCTC; Fourth, Amos Knipp, MVCTC; Fifth, Nathan Mueller, MVCTC; Sixth, Milayla Shaw, MVCTC;

Human Resource Management: First, Carson Brown, MVCTC; Second, Savannah Pemberton, MVCTC; Third, Kyler Schatz, MVCTC; Fourth, Nasia Smith, MVCTC; Fifth, Abigayle Broyles, MVCTC; Sixth, Jeremy Lewis, MVCTC; Prepared Speech: First, Megan Billing, MVCTC; Nicole Brocious, Franklin Monroe; Sierra Smith, MVCTC; Fourth, Leila Shaw, Greenville; Parliamentary Procedure Team: First, Colton Zumbrun, Maxwell Erwin, Simeon King, Noah Walker, Claryssa Massie, Jacob Goldsmith, Ashlynn Pack, Greenville; Presentation Management Individual: First, Ri’ana Campbell, MVCTC; Second, Mason Hardwick, MV; Presentation Management Team: First: Ashley Hunziker, Olivia Keihl, Delaney Norton, Keleigh Vogel, MVCTC; Second: Charles Burns, Brayden Fox, Logan Nunery, Devin Powell, MVCTC; Third: Colton Addis, Aaron Matthew, Lane Hartzell, Gabe Heilbrunn, Greenville

Franklin Monroe Career-Tech students attended the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_franklin-monroe.jpgFranklin Monroe Career-Tech students attended the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Carolyn Harmon | The Daily Advocate

Greenville Career-Tech students attended the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_green.jpgGreenville Career-Tech students attended the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Carolyn Harmon | The Daily Advocate

Jim Buchy, former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, was guest speaker at the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_jim.jpgJim Buchy, former member of the Ohio House of Representatives, was guest speaker at the Region 3, Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Awards Presentation yesterday, at St. Clair Memorial Hall. Carolyn Harmon | The Daily Advocate

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