Ansonia senior Julie Kramer publishes first book


ANSONIA — Julie Kramer said, good writing comes in many forms.

“That is why writers should be supportive of one another,” she said. “It is not a competition; there is room for all of us.”

Julie, an Ansonia High School senior, just received her first book “The Science of Dragons,” published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, January 24. It seems it is already in demand, as there is a waiting list at her school library for students to read it, she said. According to Ansonia High English Teacher Mary Lochtefeld, Julie is a reading and writing machine.

“Julie has been writing novels since she was a sophomore, and she carries them with her in a spiral notebook to add to them whenever she has time,” Lochtefeld said. “Along the way, I have read some of her work, and I was always amazed at the creative ideas and polished writing technique that she uses. Julie has a gift, and I feel that she is running with that gift. Publishing her first book before her high school graduation is beyond amazing, and I am so happy that the world is enjoying her talent.”

“Beyond the writing, Julie really does have the business sense to complete this project,” Lochtefeld added. “The writing is amazing, but the business skills needed to find such things as an editor, a publisher and an artist really take over in the end. She handled those choices like a pro.”

Others are also cheering her on, such as Julie’s family members, including: her mom Joan, dad Joe, aunt Linda, and sister Jenna, who has promoted the book on her Facebook page, and has made fliers. Julie has also been reaching out to local libraries, including Greenville, where they have a signed copy. In addition to Amazon and Facebook, she is exploring other options to sell the book.

The Young Adult book is written in the first-person point-of-view of Alexander “Alex” Rhiannon Chevalier. Julie focused on small details, such as Chevalier’s name. Rhiannon is a historical literary figure, who Julie researched.

“Her initials are ARC, like Joan of Arc,” Julie said.

Chevalier is a young girl who attends an elite boarding school. She discovers an amazing secret, hidden from the world for more than 20 years: dragons are real. She becomes the figurehead for the species, and helps in revealing them to the world. Alex and her dragon Stellar, are sent on their final mission, when disaster strikes and they are captured. As time goes on and more secrets are revealed, Alex must decide the length at which she is willing to protect her friends, and if some secrets should remain in darkness.

Julie said she always knew she would become a writer.

“When I was 13, my mom and I were at the Greenville Library, and we noticed an author with my name. I said, ‘That’s going to be me someday.’ And now it is.”

Ansonia Chemistry/Physics Teacher and Drama Club Director Morgan Aultman said, he has had the pleasure of knowing Julie for the past three years. In that time, she has been both his student and an actress in Drama Club.

“In the classroom, Julie is a very conscientious student, who always tries to do her best,” Aultman said. “When she has classes that are very rigorous, she works hard to be able to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of those teachers. Outside of the classroom, she is a quiet leader who offers words of encouragement, and chooses to lead by doing rather than telling.”

Julie’s words of encouragement for up-and-coming writers are: to find their own way to write, and to be persistent.

“My book is multiple drafts later, and in a completely different point of view than it was originally written,” she said. “If you have an idea, run with it, but don’t try to force it into something that it isn’t. That will lead to frustration. If you go off on a tangent, and like the way it is going, you can leave your original idea.”

In addition to writing, Julie works at the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe, works summers at Eldora Speedway, and has earned a black belt and teaches Taekwondo. She said she will graduate high school with an Associate of Arts degree. Indiana University East is the front runner in her continuing education plan, as she has been offered a full ride, she said. She is also working on Alex Chevalier’s future in a second book.

“There are stories that I want to tell,” she said. “The really nice thing about fantasy is, I am creating worlds about peoples’ lives-their pain and their love. Just like us, they fall in love and they can fall apart. It is nice to have an impact on that. In books, the bad guy can always win, it just depends how the story works out. Nobody can say it’s not right, because it is mine.”

Julie Kramer’s book, “The Science of Dragons” is available on Amazon, and

Ansonia High School senior Julie Kramer just received her first book “The Science of Dragons”, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, January 24. The book is available on, and High School senior Julie Kramer just received her first book “The Science of Dragons”, published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, January 24. The book is available on, and Carolyn Harmon | The Daily Advocate

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