Third Walgreens robbery suspect has court hearing


GREENVILLE — A third juvenile suspect in the armed robbery at the Greenville Walgreens was in court for a probable cause hearing Friday.

Represented in Darke County Juvenile Court by defense attorney Alex Pendl, the 15-year-old defendant is one of four juvenile males accused of stealing an estimated $10,000 worth of drugs from the Walgreens pharmacy January 6. The perpetrators were apprehended in Greenville City Park by law enforcement officers minutes after the robbery.

Greenville Police Detective Jason Marion told the court two .40-caliber handguns, with magazines loaded but with no rounds in the chamber, were recovered from the vehicle in which the four tried to make their escape. He also testified he later test fired the guns and found them to be operational.

Marion said store surveillance video pointed to this suspect as one of the two robbers who leapt over the counter and held a gun on Walgreens pharmacy employees demanding drugs and access to the store’s safe, seeking specific medications. A third juvenile acted as a lookout, while a fourth suspect drove the vehicle.

In a prior court hearing, it was determined the other gun-wielding suspect, a 16-year-old, will be tried as an adult.

In cross examination, Pendl asked Detective Marion if his client was cooperative with police after his arrest.

“I don’t believe any of the four subjects were cooperative,” said Marion, further describing the four accused as “belligerent” and “extremely uncooperative” when being questioned by officers following the incident.

Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Jason R. Aslinger said the evidence submitted by the prosecution met the probable cause standard to proceed with the case. He ordered the accused to remain in custody and for him to undergo a mental evaluation. A future hearing will determine if the defendant is to be tried in juvenile or adult court.

By Erik Martin

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