New registry provides an improved mapping system for high-value sensitive crops and honey bees


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) announced a new partnership with FieldWatch, Inc. to introduce a new sensitive crop registry that will enhance communication between applicators and producers in Ohio.

FieldWatch is a not-for-profit company with existing registries currently used by multiple states and private companies across the country. The new partnership will facilitate increased awareness, communication and interaction between all parties as part of ongoing stewardship activities.

The Ohio Sensitive Crop Registry (OSCR) brought to you by FieldWatch will allow beekeepers and commercial producers of specialty crops (such as tomatoes, fruit trees, grapes and organic crops) to register and map their sites online with an easy-to-use mapping tool and provide contact information about their operation. Pesticide applicators can access the site to help determine the scope and location of specialty crops and beehives in their areas. Registered applicators can sign up to receive email notifications when new specialty crop fields or beehives are added to their designated state, county or areas.

“FieldWatch has made great progress in other states and we are excited to partner with them on this project in Ohio,” said Matt Beal, chief of the ODA Division of Plant Health. “This technology is cutting-edge and will bring applicators and producers together to communicate their needs as we work toward our shared goal of the safe use of pesticides in our state.”

The new registry is free and voluntary to use. Both commercial and hobby beekeepers can use the system, however only managers and owners of specialty crop fields that are used for commercial production and are of at least a half-acre in size will have fields approved by the state data steward. OSCR by FieldWatch is not intended for homeowners or those with small gardens.

Pesticide applicators will have different options for viewing locations on the new system but all users (applicators, producers, and beekeepers) will need to go to and create an account to get started.

Questions about OSCR by FieldWatch can be directed to 614-728-6386 or [email protected] or [email protected].

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