Versailles FFA students honored at banquet


VERSAILLES — The Versailles Chapter of Future Farmers of America (FFA) held its Parent-Member banquet Monday to commemorate the incoming and outgoing classes of the chapter.

The banquet began with a dedication to the late Zachary Kelch, who tragically died in a car crash February 18, 2017. His family was presented with a handmade quilt and a plaque in Zachary’s honor.

The dedication included a slideshow displaying moments from Zachary’s life. Several FFA members spoke about their encounters with Zachary and how they met him. One student said she sat behind him in class and built a friendship with him from there.

Darke County Commissioner Matt Aultman said the FFA holds the same values as does The Darke County Farm Bureau, and encouraged the students, saying, “Remember where you come from and the value that agriculture has had on their lives.”

Aultman told the senior class to “Carry with you the values of agriculture and all of those in the community that wish you the very best.”

The officers for the 2017-2018 school year are President Marcus Berger, Vice President Tessa Tyo, Secretary Hallie Mills, Treasurer Toby George, Reporter Courtney Batten, Student Advisor Deanna Hesson, Sentinel Issac Gehret, Parliamentarian Shelbie Schmitmeyer, and Historian Jacob Wuebker.

Several awards were presented, including a scholarship from the alumni of the chapter for five FFA college students in the amount of $150 to pay for books. Other awards presented were as follows:

American FFA Degrees: Taylor Tyo, Danielle Hesson, Andrew Harshbarger, Kayla Bruns, Makayla Berger and Clair Schmitmeyer.

State FFA Degrees: Marcus Berger, David Barlage, Andrew Heckman, Toby George, Ben Davis, Sean Besecker, Courtney Batten, Tessa Tyo, Gavin Lawrence, Dallas Hess, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Colleen Gehret, Grace MacEldowney, Ben Albers, Jacob Wuebker, Jamie Hart, Isaac Gehret, Cole Luthman and Mikayla Bohman.

Chapter FFA Degrees: Melissa Gigandet, Austin Hecht, Katelyn Knapke, Kylie Lyons, Ashley Petitjean, Paige Platfoot, Preston Platfoot, Kyron Witt, Bradley Didier, Darian Feltz, Emma George, Levi Hemmelgarn, Sarah Hess, Jaimee Hoelscher, Alexis Jay, Alex Kiser, Elliot George, Jessica Lyme, Haley Mangen, Greg Bohman, Breanna Neiport, Amberlyn Riley, Deanna Day, Franklin Shimp, Austin Timmerman, Tori Wuebker, Anna Barlage, Caden Buschur, Ian Gehret, Jonathan Gehret, Isaac Gilmore, Trevor Huber, Evan Keller, Caitlyn Luthman, Troy May, Cassie Parsons, Laney Petitjean, Evan Rammel, Renea Schmitmeyer, Garrett Toops, Derek Cavin, Kyle Dirksen, Fatih Walker, Noah Barga, Luke Billenstein, Kobe Epperly, Emma Gasson, Isaac Gehret, Madison Henry, Tyler Henry, Deanna Hesson, Emma Peters, Cody Williams, Bailey Wilson, Kimberly Winner, Justin Besecker, Sara Cavinm Lindsay Cheadle, Hannah Gehret, Caleb Heitkamp, Shiloh Hess, Sam Gilmore, Aaron Buschur, Evan Clark, Nicholas Didier, Noah Gilmore, Aaron Knapke, Sarah Kremer, Josh Luthman, Marcus Marshal, Jason Mescherm, Hallie Mills, Austin Nerderman, Levi Sherman, Jarrett Goubeaux, Nathan Grogean, Logan Winner, Trent Langenkamp, Hayden Mead, Xavier Grilliot, Brad Pohlman and Lewis Winner.

Greenhand FFA Degrees: Chloe Grillot, Taran Tyo, Dylan Meyer, Caleb Kaiser, Joel Turpen, Lydia Grillot, Alec Ahrensm Brandon Bradley, Jacob Hoelscher, Kaleb Miller, Garrett Thompson, Cayla Batten, Sam Bensman, Jack Gehret, Gage Holmes, Kennedy Hughes, Ethan Kaiser, Karl Kelch, Chad Shimp, Zach Watren, Delaney Barga. Ayden Bergman, Noah Brown, Anna Dircksen, Greg Dircksen, Caleb Fraley, Owen Gehret, Wesley Gehret, Elise George, Cheyenne Grisez, Evan Groff, Jayden Griff, Philip Grogean, Courtney Hecht, Dalton Hesson, Carter Luthman, Alex Mangen, Lizzy May, Laura Wuebker, Kyle Pthast, Skylar Myers, Jason Norton, Abby Petitjean, Dawson Petitjean-Cross, Tanner Rammel, Caleb Rush, Lauren Sherman, Gabe Thompson, Cory Timmerman, Jaylyne Trissell, Lara Beckmann, Clay Bergman, Mallory York, Riley Tritschuh, Sara Mincer, Cater May, Lucy Tunte, Cole Litten, Caleb, Kaiser and Trina Huber.

Food Science and Technology:

District – Issac Gehret, Dallas Hess, Courtney Batten, Kayla Bohman, Grace MacEldowney, Cole Luthman, Ashley Petijean, Josh Luthman, Cayla Batten and Lyndia Grillot; State – Tessa Tyo, Shiloh Hess and Andrew Heckman.

Job Interview: Eighth Grade – Jaylynne Trissell – First, County, Dalton Hesson, Second, County, Caleb Kaiser, Third, County, Jayden Groff, Fourth, County; Freshman – Kennedy Hughes – Fifth, State, First, County, First, District; Sophomore – Emma Peters – Second, County, Second, State, Ian Gehret, Third, County; Junior – Colleen Gehret – First, County, First, District, Fifth, State, Jacob Wuebker, Second, County; Senior – Issac Gehret – First, County, Fifth District

General Livestock Judging: State – Second, Middle School: State – First; Middle School: Luke Billenstien, Kobe Epperly, Xavier Grillot, Elliot George, Marcus Berger, Ben Albers, Issac Gehret, Emma Peters, Troy May, Ian Gehret, Cole Luthman, Kayla Bohman, Kimberly Winner, Lewis Winner, Evan Ramel, Deanna Hesson, Levi Hemmelgarn, Logan Winner, Kay;a Bohman

Poultry Judging: 27th, State: Melissa Gigandet, Sean Bisecker, Paige Platfoot, Katelyn Knapke

Public Speaking: Creed – Delaney Barga, Fifth, County, Dalton Hesson, First, County, Fifth, District; Beginning Prepared – Victoria Wuebker, Second, County, Haley Mangen, First, County, First, District, Third, State; Advanced Prepared – Caden Buschur First, County, Sixth, District; Extemporaneous – Tessa Tyo, First, County, First, District, Third, State; Extemporaneous – Tessa Tyo, First, County, First, State, Second, District;

Aquarium Management- Fifth, County, Tessa Tyo, PJ Platfoot, Justin Besecker, Anna Barlage;

Outdoor Power- Third, Eighth, 10th, County Eighth, District, Ben Davis, Sarah Kremer;

Ag Sales: First, District, First, State, Deanna Hesson, Dallas Hess, Isaac Gehret, Hallie Mills

Agricultural Issue: Fourth, State, Emma Gasson, Shiloh Hess, Faith Walker, Dallas Hess, Jacob Wuebker

Dairy Foods; 19th, State, Brad Didier

Agronomy: 20th State, Jacob Wuebker

Greenhand Quiz: 16th, State, Kennedy Hughes, Cayla Batten, Lauren Sherman, Cory Timmerman, Alex Mangen, Caleb Kiser, Anna Dirksen, Abby Petitjean, Laura Wuebker, Delaney Barga, Dalton Hess, Lara Beckman, Kyle Pothast

Agriculture Communication: Second, District, 12th State, Courtney Batten, Elliot George, Andrew Heckman, Ashley Petitijean

Dairy Judging: 23rd, State, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Jon Gehret, Tyler Henry, Caden Buschur, Kyle Dirksen, Isaac Gilmore

Equine Management: 52nd, State, Amberlyn Riley, Bailey Wilson

Varsity Parliamentary Procedure: Fifth, County, District, Luke Billenstein, Emma George, Dallas Hess, Cody Williams, Brenna Neiport, Isaac Gehret

Rural Soil Judging; First, County, Second, District, 20th, State, Isaac Gehret, Dallas Hess, Caitlyn Luthman, Grace MacEldowney, Jacob Wuebker, Deanna Hesson, Kylie Lyons, Kayla Bohman, Cater May, Gavin Lawrence, Toby George, Courtney Batten, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Cole Luthman

Wildlife: Seventh, State, Toby George, Derek Cavin, Isaac Grilliot, Evan Keller, Garrett Toops,

Middle School: Cody Williams, Alex Kaiser, Jaimee Hoelschur, Trevor Huber, Josh Luthman

8th Grade Parliamentary Procedure: First, Fourth, County, Fifth, District, Dalton Hesson, Laura Wuebker, Jayden Groff, Clay Bergman, Cory Timmerman, Jason Norton, Riley Tritschuh, Wesley Gehret, Owen Gehret, Mallory York, Courtney Hecht

Novice Parliamentary Procedure; Fifth, County, Jack Gehret, Ethan Kaiser, Karl Kelch, Cayla, Gage Holmes, Chad Shimp, Sam Bensmen, Elise George

Ag Power Diagnostics: Third County, Eighth, District, Sam Gilmore, Aaron Knapkem Austin Timmerman, David Barlage, Kyle Dirksen, Issac Gilmore

Grain Merchandising: First, State, Jamie Hart, Sarah Hess, Nathan Grogean

Farm Business Management Test: 84th, State, Jacob Wuebker, Sarah Hess, Marcus Berger

Middle School Agronomy: Third, State, Madison Henry, Hannah Gehret

Middle School Dairy: Third, State, Elliot George, Noah Gilmore, Aaron Bushcur, Renea Schmitmeyer

Versailles FFA students were honored at a banquet Monday, March 12. FFA students were honored at a banquet Monday, March 12. Courtesy image

By Mary Jones

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