Greenville City School District Board of Education approves leaving GWOC


GREENVILLE — Greenville City School Board Members at Thursday’s monthly meeting collectively approved to leave the Greater Western Ohio Conference (GWOC) by the end of the 2019-2020 school year, or sooner if agreed upon. Greenville, along with 10 other schools, will create a new affiliation with Vandalia-Butler, Fairborn, Piqua, Sidney, Stebbin, Tippecanoe, Troy, West Carrollton and Xenia.

While all of the board members voted to approve the move, Board Member Fred Matix said he had no knowledge of the move and did not find out the information until it hit the media. Matix said, “I wish we as a board had a little bit of knowledge that this was forthcoming.” Board President Brad Gettinger responded saying that seven districts had already taken action prior to Greenville’s decision.

The board approved to renew their contract with Spencer Landscaping for $22,687 for lawn care at the K-8 Facility until February 2019. Board Member Jim Sommer asked, “Was there any other businesses that made that offer to do that work?” Superintendent Doug Fries responded, saying that they decided to stay with the original contractors because of the current warranty they still have with them as well as the ability to get corrective work for any past jobs they have completed. Matix said that he “would like to see other bids in a timely fashion.” Fries said in the future they might entertain other bids for contractors but for now he said,”We thought it best to stay with them.” The motion passed but the vote was not unanimous, with Matix and Board Member Mark Libert voting no.

Board members passed a contract agreement with Garmann Miller Architects & Engineers for $9,500 to reseal asphalt for the K-8 and high school building, as well as asphalt removal and repaving at the high school’s Learning Center. Fries said that asphalt needed to be resealed every year and a half, but was hoping that it would be four or five years before they would have to do it again. He said the work would be spread out in phases to cut the cost of one large payment.

The board voted 5-0 for an approval for a grant to make improvements to the Greenville Harmon Field and Track Complex. Sommer asked about the accessibility to the public. He said, “With all the areas of the park that are paved now, I would think that it could be limited, as opposed to being open 24/7.” Fries explained that some limits could be set but if the grant was accepted it has to be left open to the public for walking.

Concerns of protecting the complex were addressed. Gettinger said, “Traditionally, the former track was always open to walkers and runners.” He said he would like to protect the facility from vandalism but wants to welcome the same use that the old track had in the past. The use of security cameras was being discussed, said Fries, but he wasn’t sure if they would be installed before the building was opened to the public.

Dave Ernst from Friends Of Harmon Field presented a combined check to the board in the amount of $314,000 and $483.05 during the public participation part of the meeting. Ernst said, “We’re trying to raise some money so every quarter we are going to bring you a check.” He invited the board to a ribbon cutting on March 29 at Jennings Center Track and Field Complex before the track meet begins.

The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 19 at 7 p.m. in the Anna Bier room of Memorial Hall.

By Mary Jones

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