Midmark invents BP chair


DAYTON — Midmark Corp., a leading medical solutions provider for ambulatory care, has announced a new method to help clinicians obtain better vital signs measurements for patients, setting the foundation for better point of care diagnosis, patient risk stratification and medication dosing.

A new generation of barrier-free examination chairs allows clinicians to help standardize proper patient positioning for more accurate blood pressure (BP) measurement, based on guidelines from the American Heart Association and American Medical Association. This is accomplished through:

• Low chair height that allows the majority of patients, even female patients with heights in the third percentile, to place their feet flat on the floor.

• Powered movement of the chair back section to ensure patient back support.

• Patient support rails that support the arm at heart height.

• Automated BP measurement through connection with a diagnostic device, with data sent directly to the electronic medical records system to help reduce transcription errors.

“As health systems work with providers to standardize care processes, blood pressure inaccuracy is one of the biggest areas of concern,” said Dr. Tom Schwieterman, chief medical officer and vice president of clinical affairs at Midmark Corp. “In 16 percent of patients, a small difference … in a reading can lead to improper management of blood pressure. Some patients may be prescribed medications they do not need, and others, hearing they have normal blood pressure, are not getting proper treatment. Accuracy of blood pressure readings at the point of care is essential to ensure that every time a diagnosis of hypertension is made, it is absolutely correct. With the average blood pressure patient costing an average of $135,000 per year, such accuracy can improve both outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care.”

In addition to traditional Midmark accessories and feature options, the new line of exam chairs also offers:

• An industry-low seat height of 15.5 inches. The federal agency providing leadership and guidance for accessible design, the U.S. Access Board, recommended an exam chair with a low, uncompressed seat height of 17 to 19 inches. Low seat height and flat, wide transfer surfaces enable patients of varying ability levels to transfer onto and off of a barrier-free exam chair with minimal assistance.

• A new retractable roller base, allowing healthcare staff to easily and safely move the chair for cleaning.

• Connection with the Midmark IQvitals Zone diagnostic device to weigh patients quickly and discreetly from the comfort of the exam chair, then send data to the electronic medical records with the push of a button.

“We see the challenges our customers are facing as they standardize all types of care processes, especially the techniques involved in BP measurement that are foundational to a patient’s well-being,” said Kurt Forsthoefel, director of medical marketing at Midmark. “This new platform helps clinicians and entire health systems to have confidence in not only the quality of a patient’s BP reading, but also the transcription accuracy of the data, the accessibility and ergonomics of the patient experience and the ability to maximize infection prevention through improved mobility for cleaning.”

Midmark has introduced a new chair for medical personnel to take a person’s blood pressure.
https://www.dailyadvocate.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/web1_Dual-Access-BP-Capture-FP-V2-AR_029-fixed-FINAL-BADGE-FIX-copy.jpgMidmark has introduced a new chair for medical personnel to take a person’s blood pressure. Courtesy photo
Introduces better way to capture blood pressure measurement

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