Final Bow to present musical


GREENVILLE — Final Bow Center for Children’s Performing Arts’ Theater Company presents…“The Best Little Theatre in Town.” The musical will take place Friday, April 20 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, April 21 at 2 p.m. at the Gospel Baptist Church, 383 Eidson Road in Greenville.

The musical’s plot involves a shady accountant named James P. Pennypacker, played by Liam Jasenski, who announces that “The Best Little Theatre in Town” will have to close down due to lack of funds. That’s when the theatre’s owner Mrs. Goodman, played by Josie Winemiller, popular director Cecil Deville, played by Aldon Edger, and the tightly-knit cast of Anna Stump as Emily Best, Tucker Qualls as Brock Adams, Christina Crawford as Melody Lane, Isabel Angle as Connie Chase, and Carter Qualls as Steve Tally go into action! News reporters played by Macey Shetler, Victoria Cave and Makaila Palmer, Pennypacker’s Bankers and attorneys played by Ellie Grosch, Layna Best, Maria McDaniel and Halie Hanes, Cops, Abigail Angle and Ian Storey and the theater Gang made up of Haylee Bloom, Skylar Bloom, Darlene Bowers, Ian Brodrick, Cate Condon and Sam Ploch help this tale of good versus evil come to life. Two narrators (Ella Williams and Phebe Todd) pave the way as they discuss the elements of classic theatre production in this fun-filled “play within a play.” Watch the story unfold as this small town theatre company struggles to make ends meet.

Ticket cost $5 and may be purchased at Final Bow studio, by calling 937-467-9259 or at the door. Contact Becky at 937-467-9259 for more information.

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