US Senate Candidate Melissa Ackison visits Darke County


GREENVILLE — United States Senate Republican candidate Melissa Ackison held a meet and greet Friday evening at Lighthouse Christian Center.

She is running against fellow republicans Don Eckhart, Mike Gibbons, Dan Kiley, Jim Renacci and Timothy Pinion in the May 8 Primary Election, hoping to earn the spot to face off with Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown, who is seeking his third term in office in November.

Ackison talked about what she wants to help implement if she was elected to the Senate. One of the major issues she talked about was healthcare. She shared a personal story about how she had to sign up for Medicaid because Obamacare coverage did not cover her rare bone disease.

“I have one of the rarest bone diseases known to man,” she said. “I had to take my family to the welfare offices and we had to get enrolled into Medicaid.”

She said she tried to buy the free market insurance so she could pay for her medical expenses accruing from her condition. However, she was not able to because it is not there anymore.

“Those same programs you once used to be able to afford and purchase are gone now,” she said.

She said she learned how shameful it is to sign up for these types of programs. Ackison believes these type of government programs, like Medicaid, are meant to control and keep Americans down, instead of driving productivity. She said the design was never to assist, but to maintain dependency on the government.

She said she believed that people who are most reliant on government assistance programs are the same individuals who are on the lower end of productivity. She said job participation was very low with people using assistance because they recognize if they work too much, they will not continue to receive it.

As a business owner, she saw this on a first hand basis when her employees requested not to be promoted or given more hours because they would lose vital benefits they rely on, such as child care assistance, EBT food assistance, and rental assistance.

Ackison said that Senator Brown has been in office since 1973 and his campaign slogan puts emphasis on connecting and knowing about the middle class. However, Ackison said he has never owned his own business and never been an employee in the private sector.

“He is a radical leftist, not a democrat, but a radical leftist,” she said.

Another big issue she stands strong on is the second amendment. Ackison holds a concealed carry license and said she will not falter on the issue. She plans to protect and enforce the second amendment wholeheartedly.

“I have no intention whatsoever of ever budging when it comes to our second amendment rights,” she emphasized.

According to Ackison, her missions are to protect second amendment rights, protect the unborn, lower dependency on government programs, repeal and replace current healthcare, and limit government.

Melissa Ackison talks about what she plans to do if she is voted into Senate. Ackison talks about what she plans to do if she is voted into Senate. Mary Jones |The Daily Advocate

By Mary Jones

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