Sen. Beagle visits library exhibit in honor of Ohio Deaf History Month


COLUMBUS – State Senator Bill Beagle (R-Tipp City) recently visited the Columbus Main Library to view an exhibit for “Ohio Deaf History Month” as the designation month comes to a close.

Senator Beagle was the sponsor of Senate Bill 27, which became law earlier this year on January 18, 2018. The legislation designated the period of each year, beginning March 13 and ending April 15, as “Ohio Deaf History Month.” The time period for this legislation was chosen to mark two historic moments–March 13, 1988, when I. Jordan King was chosen as the first deaf president of Gallaudet University, a school for the deaf and hard of hearing, and April 15, 1817, the establishment of the country’s first permanent deaf school in Connecticut.

“A lot of hard work from advocates and the deaf community was put into the development of Senate Bill 27,” said Senator Beagle. “Ohio Deaf History Month has been a great opportunity to spread awareness to the public and celebrate the extensive history of the deaf community.”

Senator Beagle was joined at the exhibit by Dawn Watts, co-founder of the Ohio Citizens for Deaf Culture and Gregg Dodd, the Director of Marketing for the Columbus Main Library. Watts worked closely with Senator Beagle on the passage of Senate Bill 27 and used much of her own materials for the library exhibit.

The “Ohio Deaf History Month” exhibit was on display on the second floor of the Columbus Main Library until April 15, which is the end of the designation month.

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