Franklin Monroe school magnesium levels reduced, lunch prices raised


PITSBURG — During the board meeting Monday, Superintendent Jeff Patrick spoke about the current magnesium levels in Franklin-Monroe School. Last month, he said the magnesium levels were reaching as high as .77.

“Our magnesium levels have reduced,” he said.

Patrick said no major reconstruction was needed. He said they would still be watching the levels and were maintaining regularly checking samples. He also mentioned one of the well pumps had gone out last week. It resulted in lower water pressure for a few days because of it.

“We had two wells that supplied the building with fresh water,” he said.

He said the water pump has since been replaced. It was fixed within 36 hours, with the cost amounting to around $4,500.

High School Principal P.J. Burgett said the school would be offering students the chance to obtain their Associates degree. He said Laura Ayres, Franklin Monroe Guidance Counselor; was putting the program together.

“Aside from a couple classes, students will be able to achieve either an Associate of Arts or an Associate of Science staying in the building,” said Purgett.

Burgett said some classes may need to be finished through online classes, but the majority can be done while attending school. Students will be able to stay in the building and earn a degree, instead of them leaving during their Sophomore year. He said that is the goal of the program.

“It really is a great pathway to get students an Associates without leaving the building,” he said.

In other business:

The Greenville Elks have donated school supplies ranging from $200 to $300. The goal is for the supplies to be distributed on a quarterly basis throughout the school year. The money will be for general supplies such as glue and pencils.

Breakfast and lunch prizes will be raised for the 2018 -2019 school year. Breakfast prices will increase to $1.85, increasing by $0.25. Lunch prizes will increase by $.10. Students in K-8 will pay $2.60 for lunch and students in 9-12 will pay $2.75 for their lunch.

The next board meeting will be on May 21 at 8 p.m., held in the conference room.

By Mary Jones

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