Arcanum council approves traffic light upgrade


ARCANUM — At the Arcanum council meeting on Tuesday, Village Administrator Bill Kessler said he received two quotes from the list provided by the Ohio Department of Transportation to fix and update the traffic lights in town.

He said two companies, Security Fence and Capital Electric, responded with quotes. The quotes paid for the replacement of lights and control panels. Plus, it would add another system feature.

“When emergency vehicles come through, it will change all of our ways to red.”

This would prevent any potential accidents from occurring from the light being green. Kessler said Security Fence gave a quote of $53,000 and Capital Electric gave a quote of $23,866.

“The Security Fence is so expense because they are going off of the sirens to trip the system. Capital electric, they are push buttons.”

He said all the city needed was push buttons to be put into emergency vehicles. He recommended the council to go with the quote from Capital Electric. All new fixtures, lights to come out of highway fund.

“Capital has familiarity with the town.”

The council approved the quote from Capital Electric.

Kessler sent in paperwork in the hopes of Arcanum being selected for a new industrial park. The company would be smaller and be a research and development company. There would be eight to ten employees, who would each earn $80,000 salary.

Kessler said he attended a tabletop exercise about water. They used an example of what could happen to the water in the event of a tornado. He said they need to join Warn Ohio, which does not cost anything.

This would mean Arcanum would be in a mutual agreement to share resources in the event an emergency like this occurred. He said currently Arcanum does not have anything in place for emergency situations, such as someone getting sick.

“Warn Ohio is a mutual aid organization for water disasters or water needs.”

He said they need to join Warn Ohio, which does not cost anything.

The next council meeting will be May 8 at 7 p.m.

By Mary Jones

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