Greenville library to host class on beer


GREENVILLE – Bock-style beers have a long history in Germany.

First brewed in the northern city of Einbeck in the 14th century, Bock made its way to Munich in Bavaria and blossomed into an array of related styles. One such beer was first brewed by monks to sustain themselves during their Lenten fasts as “liquid bread.” Another was developed by a female brewer in tribute to her recently-deceased husband. The Bock family has a rich history, and many are traditionally brewed during the spring months.

In this class, the Greenville Public Library will discuss the fascinating history of Bock beer styles. The Craft Beer Education Series is led by David Nilsen, certified cicerone. He will guide attendees through a tasting of five beer styles, explaining the history and unique ingredients and brewing processes of each.

The event will be at 6:30 p.m. May 24 at the Greenville Public Library. Craft Beer Education Series classes are free, but seats are limited and registration is required. Call the Library at 937-548-3915 to reserve a seat.

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