Versailles switches to new patient care reporting software


VERSAILLES — Changes to the patient care reporting software for emergency personnel in Versailles will be coming soon after a motion was passed Wednesday at the council meeting.

Emergency Medical Services Administrator Matt Harvey gave the recommendation to switch the current software, Emergency Reporting, to ESO Solutions.

“We’ve had a lot of problems with them lately. Just in the last three weeks we’ve had three reports that were completely deleted out of the system,” Harvey said.

According to Harvey, this new software would benefit emergency personnel by cutting the amount of time they spend in the hospital writing the reports. He said this is taking away from time they could be in the field or preparing for the next days work. The entire process for writing these reports can last from 45 minutes up to an hour.

Emergency Reporting was the software choice everyone was using in the past. Now, cities throughout Darke County are making the switch to ESO Solutions. Harvey said Union City has used the updated software for a year, Tri-Village three months and Greenville will start on June 1. He said these cities have had “very good luck with it.” Harvey said the customer service they received from Emergency Reporting wasn’t the greatest, but that is not a problem with ESO Solutions.

“All of the customer support is US based, 24/7, 365,” he said.

Harvey said the reason ESO Solutions is faster is because it stores all of the information on a cloud based data inputting system. It cuts down on the amount of paperwork needed and can all be done through a tablet or phone. Once you are connected to a secure WiFi, the report can be sent in.

The individual will be asked security questions for positive identification before it can be sent, which correlates with Ohio state’s definition of positive identification. Initially, 30 questions for positive identification are required during the first setup. While it is designed for tablet usage, it can be used on a desktop, Harvey said.

ESO Solutions said it could go back as far as 2014 reports and move them to its digital system.

“It is the only program right now that is 100 percent HIPAA compliant and 100 percent compliant with the Board of Pharmacy for positive identification for medication administration,” Harvey said.

Mayor Jeffry Subler was concerned about there being a fee to move from Emergency Reporting to ESO Solutions before the contract was finished. The contract does not end until Aug. 31 of this year. Harvey said upon the recommendation from ESO Solutions, they should give 90 days to switch from the old software to the new one.

The council approved ESO Solutions to be the new Patient Care Reporting software, pending further investigation of any cancellation fees from Emergency Reporting.

In other business:

Mayor Jeffrey Subler proclaimed the week of May 20 to 26 Emergency Medical Services Week. The theme for this week is EMS strong, stronger together.

“I encourage the community to observe this week with the appropriate programs ceremonies and activities,” Subler said.

Versailles Council met Wednesday to discuss an update to the Patient Care Reporting software. Council met Wednesday to discuss an update to the Patient Care Reporting software. Mary Jones | The Daily Advocate

By Mary Jones

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