DCCA News: Counting the ways


Darke County Center for the Arts “Arts Count” season will come to an exciting finish when the organization presents Toledo Symphony Orchestra in a concert featuring exceptional vocalist Connor Bogart this Saturday at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall. Throughout the past program year, numbers and math references have been utilized to describe and market DCCA events; the fact that the arts count in lives of local citizens has been reiterated again and again to instill enthusiasm for DCCA and its mission as well as help insure that the arts continue to thrive in our community. However, as the season approaches its end, DCCA officials want community members to know just how much local support is counted upon and appreciated. Let us count the ways.

As DCCA Executive Director Andrea Jordan stated at a recent luncheon honoring DCCA sponsors and donors, DCCA has strived for 39 years to present exceptional arts experiences too numerous to count, let alone quantify their impact. DCCA presents about 50 arts experiences annually, taking Arts In Education performances to students in every grade level of all local public schools and drawing over 500 patrons to historical St. Clair Memorial Hall for their Artists Series and Family Theatre Series shows, as well as special events. “DCCA does not merely count,” Andrea said, “but is counted on.”

But that “counting on” works both ways. DCCA counts on loyal patrons to not only support nationally known artists, but to also come out to see those performers who may be obscure to the general public – because those patrons know that they can count on DCCA to present only skilled, talented performers. DCCA counts on local donors and sponsors to generously provide the funds necessary to make ambitious plans come to fruition.

Few communities the size of Darke County can boast of an arts presenter like DCCA; the sum total of DCCA’s success is due in large part to the support of the community it serves. In addition to sponsors who help cover artists’ fees, membership donations also help offset the costs of presenting high quality performances. Many others are also part of the equation. Montage, The Bistro Off Broadway, The Coffee Pot, Union City’s Art Depot and Arcanum Historical Society host some performances multiplying the number of venues available to DCCA. Local florists regularly add flair to Memorial Hall concerts with their lovely and innovative arrangements. Local restaurants offer discounts to DCCA members, subtracting from the cost of a pre-show dinner. And local media outlets regularly print or air DCCA news releases and report on DCCA events, resulting in heightened awareness of the organization’s programs and achievements.

Readmore’s Hallmark, the Welcome Center and Ann’s Gifts serve as ticket outlets in Greenville for some DCCA shows, as does the Worch Public Library in Versailles, providing a valued service that increases audience numbers. DCCA derives great value from its association with Greenville Public Library, which houses DCCA’s business office. Greenville City Schools own and operate Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall, the glorious venue that has contributed greatly to DCCA’s success; DCCA counts heavily on the continuing generous assistance and cooperation of school officials and staff.

Yes, the arts count in Darke County. The community counts on DCCA to provide entertaining and enriching artistic experiences; DCCA counts on the community to make it possible to achieve lofty goals. May this valuable reciprocal arrangement thrive and grow as DCCA approaches its fortieth season of presentations that count in numerous ways throughout the community.


By Marilyn Delk


Marilyn Delk is a director of the Darke County Center for the Arts and can be reached at [email protected]. Viewpoints expressed in the article are the work of the author. The Daily Advocate does not endorse these viewpoints or the independent activities of the author.

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