Treaty City Joust Tournament scheduled for May 26, 27


GREENVILLE – The Treaty City Joust Tournament is scheduled for May 26 and 27 at the Darke County Fairgrounds horse arena.

This free event for the community features a full armored joust, skill at arms competition, flag ceremony presented by Greenville High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, a medieval fencing demonstration, author Josef Matulich debuting a new book that is set in Arcanum, Iron Cross Forge and local food truck options. Competitors from Greenville and as far away as Canada will be part of the event, which will be from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. both days.

This is not your average horse show. Organizers encourage crowds to scream and cheer their favorites. There will be music in the background all day and color commentary by former jousters.

Competitors include:

Tom from Greenville – Tom has been an avid re-enactor, martial artist, entertainer and equestrian for the past 20-plus years. As his enthusiasm has grown over the years so have his skill sets and accomplishments. Tom has never been one to take shortcuts. Beginning his equestrian efforts at the ripe old age of 22, full armored jousting has become the pinnacle of his mounted endeavors. Tom brings to Combatants Keep years of experience of working in professional theater. He is the group’s master leatherworker, tailor, artistic vision, saddle maker and armourer.

Dr. Ken from Massachusetts – Ken has a long list of accomplishments: He holds a PhD in medieval history and is a certified master of historical fencing with four books and numerous articles on swordsmanship to his credit. He’s been riding for more than 20 years. Ken hails from western Massachusetts where he teaches college and writes books.

David from Illinois – David has been studying medieval martial arts for more than 30 years and has fought in duels and battles across the world. He now spends most of his time fighting from the saddle with sword, lance and bow. David lives his life by these mottos of Don Quixote “Dream the impossible dream! Fight the unbeatable foe! Run where the brave dare not go!” David is the owner of the only two jousting mules in the world. He and his mule named Buttons are the grand champions from the 2015 Ohio State Fair joust. They return this year to defend their title.

Steve from Michigan – The 2016 champion, Steve has been involved with horses since his family purchased its first horse farm in 1972. Starting out with Morgans, Arabs and Saddlebreds, he has progressed through stock horses, warmbloods, drafts and finally training dressage for a Friesian farm. He has since retired to the nice and easy discipline of the Joust.

Jeff from Missouri – Jeff has been involved in medieval recreation for more than 12 years, including ground fighting, games of skill, mounted archery and mounted melee. He started jousting in the SCA about three years ago. He is honored and looking forward to crossing lances with both new and old jousters. His teammate is Milly, the world’s second jousting mule. Motto, “Why so serious?”

Dr. Stephanie from Ontario Canada – Dr. Stephanie is a PhD and large animal veterinarian from the north shore of Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. Though she first started jousting in 2006, she has had injuries that have prevented her from participating and now carries two plates, 22 screws in her right arm and a rod down her right shin, making her a bit of a “woman of steel.” With 85 pounds of steel on the outside and a horse affectionately known as “Tank Girl” that she has owned since birth, Stephanie hopes to be a force to be reckoned with in this tournament.

Seth from Greenville – Seth is in his second year of jousting. He just had a successful warm up joust at the Ashville Viking Festival having a perfect session in the final joust of Sun. Seth is an avid athlete, active in soccer and swim. He started riding a few years ago because he wanted to know more about horses then he discovered jousting and has focused his riding to make him the best jouster he can be.

Elijah from Greenville – Elijah is in his first year of jousting. He made his debut at the Ashville Viking Festival. Elijah got the “horse bug” his first time meeting them and plans to keep horses the rest of his life. He is going to Sullivan University this fall to become a chef.

Jessica from Ohio – Member of the Knight’s of the Rose, an all-female joust team that specializes in full contact jousting. Jessica has jousted with the Knight’s of Valour. She is an avid horsewoman and plans to leave her mark on Greenville.

Sara from Ohio – Member of the Knight’s of the Rose, an all-female joust team that specializes in full contact jousting. Sara is an avid horsewoman and is always willing to help another troupe out. This will be her first time at an IJL sanctioned joust.

Head Judge Patrick from Union City – Patrick has been riding nearly as long as he has been walking. His motto is – “If it involves a horse I’m game.” Over the years Patrick’s mounted pursuits have led him from equine trainer specializing in bombproofing, to rancher. Never one to rest on his accomplishments, Patrick’s most recent equestrian challenge has been the worlds of historical and entertainment jousting. Pat is an advisor to the Silver Hoofs 4H club and an active member of the Miami Valley Mounted Search and Rescue Team.

Guests are asked to bring chairs for their comfort.

Food is tentatively scheduled to be available from Nacho Pig, Shives Concession and KT Plum International.

Seth and Elijah cross lances, action community members will be able to see at the Treaty City Joust Tournament. and Elijah cross lances, action community members will be able to see at the Treaty City Joust Tournament. Courtesy photo

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