Ansonia 4-H club hosts meeting


ANSONIA – The Ansonia 4-H club met Tuesday at the Ansonia Methodist Church.

Vice President Hannah Hartzell called the meeting to order and pledges were said. Roll call was taken by Macy Dapore, and the members responded to what they were looking forward to in summer. There was a total of 16 members present.

In news, 4-Hers who haven’t got their 4-H books yet should get them as soon as they can so that they can start working on them. Also, booth ideas need to be brought to the next meeting so that the club can vote on the ideas.

The next meeting will be at the pool in Versailles at 6 p.m. The date hasn’t been set yet. The club will vote on a booth idea at the meeting. After the meeting, anyone who wants can go swimming. The 4-H club will pay for all the members, but non-members will have to pay.

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