Program aims to help veterans and their spouses


YELLOW SPRINGS – “Tailspin,” best-seller by Steven Brill, analyses the ways in which America is rigged in favor of the privileged by the wealthy.

Brill indicates that the director of C4Q, a program in Queens that offers training programs to move displaced workers into software engineering job has said, “Some of the smartest, hardest-working people I’ve ever met were soldiers …”

Headquartered in Cincinnati, The Catalyst is designed for this very group. Captain Daniel Hance, U.S. Army and CEO of the company, announced an upcoming Catalyst class in partnership with Antioch University Midwest in Yellow Springs from July 9 through Aug. 10. This is the first fully accredited mini-MBA specifically for military personnel and spouses.

Launched in 2017, The Catalyst Program is a veteran-led, non-profit organization that helps high-potential military men and women transition to viable civilian employment/entrepreneurship and education.

The program offers credit toward an MBA in addition to the following:

• Career and personal counseling/branding to assist participants in defining skills, passions and opportunities in the business world;

• Coaching on ways participants can benefit corporate America using their military knowledge and skills;

• Thorough exploration inside of various industries and companies;

• Networking skill development;

• Job shadowing, case work and real-time projects with employment partners.

The Catalyst, a 501 c3 non-profit, has a skilled, diverse board with backgrounds ranging from psychology to finance to brand management.

Ideal candidates for the program will have the following qualifications:

• Strong leadership skills;

• An undergraduate degree or equivalent military experience ( E-5 or higher);

• At least one deployment preferred;

• Unique qualifications such as certificates, awards and/or achievements preferred.

For more information, call Hance at 937-414-9165 or visit

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